Pied Piper

You all need to head over here.

Amazing work, and wouldn't it be fantastic to win? I can already picture the wardrobe... I know what I am going to dream of tonight!


So I have been working on getting some things together to put on Etsy. Here are a few samples. I am in love with the felt flowers. Let me know what you think! The bottom stuff is actually for a baby shower I have coming up, I hope she likes it!


C$ happiness

4 boxes of Bandaids
4 packs of Gum
2 Revlon Nailcolors
1 Toothpaste
3 Sunscreens
4 Tubes of Mascara
2 bottles of Detergent
2 Sticks of Deodorant
4 - 3pks of Razors

Grand total of : $139.47

Want to know how much I paid for it?


I have been doing Coupon Sense for 6 months or so, but it is always the CVS deals that get me so excited. This rocks. If you are interested in info, feel free to call. It seriously rocks!!!



Meet the Brockintons from ashley brockinton on Vimeo.

Seriously, I am in love with this video. I am going to get working on one of my family, I MUST!!!


Check it out

For super cuteness involving this little girl, head over here!

Manic "MOM"day

This one may seem silly, but it works for our family!

We have a prayer schedule. From oldest (dad) to youngest who can talk (Coop). Nothing like children fighting over who gets to give the blessing or prayer to get your family in the spirit. So I typed it up on a sticky note on my desktop, problem solved!

Does anyone else have kids who fight over whose turn it is to pray?


Getting ready for a boat ride
with Uncle Greg.

All the kids...

Macy with Johnny

Sweet girl with Jimmy

They caught like 8 or 9 fish.
We cooked them for dinner,
they were so yummy!

Cooper's feet before he got in the shower at home.

I didn't even try to wash his or Buffy's socks, they went directly in the trash. We had such a good time. The weather was beautiful. Macy did well, except for at night, which we expected. I am so thankful my brother-in-law Greg let me sleep in his trailer with her. It made it a whole lot easier. We can't wait to go again! Now I am neck high in laundry, and my house is a mess. Wish me luck!

Weekly Photo

Sunday afternoon wrestling.
Good Sabbath day activity...


Things I love...

Messy babies,
that turn into sweet, clean babies.
I could eat her up!

Oh yea, and baby cleavage!


I hope I win!!!

I NEED this bike!

We have been doing a lot of riding lately, but one of us always has to stay home because I can't find a bike seat for Macy. This would solve all my problems, including having to ride super slow because Coop can't quite keep up. I could just pack them in! So I need all of your help, please click on the banner on the sidebar any time you visit, so it will increase my odds of winning!


Manic "MOM"day

Another question I always get is "How do you do so many things with so many kids?" First let me say, it's not easy, but it's worth it! I don't want my kids to miss out on things we would do if we only had 1 or 2 kids. It wasn't their choice for us to have 5.

Lots of times it takes a whole lot of planning, a whole lot of saving, because it costs a whole lot of money to do things with a family of 7. You also have to be spontaneous. Life is short, do stuff now!

Right now we are in the planning stages of a vacation this summer, that we didn't think would happen. We got lucky that something came up, and we will be able to scrape the money together. In the meantime, we are going camping this weekend. I am always looking for things to do, places to go, experiences to experience.

As a parent you have to think like a kid. There are lots of things I don't like doing, but I know my kids do, so I do it. I want them to be kids, to enjoy kid things, and not to think things are stupid because they heard me say it was to someone else!

The Science Center is probably my least favorite, but my kids love it, so we continue to visit it. That's what being a mom is. The free tour at Cerreta's Chocolate Factory, the tour of the Arizona Republic, going to the Capitol to eat a picnic on the grass... These are things the kids will remember, and luckily, even if it turns out horribly, they usually don't remember it that way.

I chose the picture above because it represents just that. After Disneyland last November, we decided to head over to Newport to take pictures for my mom. It was insanely windy & cold. At first I wanted to just stay in the car and head home, but we dug through the dirty clothes to find sweatshirts, and headed into the storm. The sand was pelting our legs, the kids were freezing, I was freezing, but when I look at that picture I can't help but smile. Even though it was miserable, it was an adventure, they all look happy enough, and we all talked about it the whole way home. The kids couldn't believe the wind, they had never felt the sand on their legs like that. It was definitely worth it.

Don't put off doing things today. Even if it seems hard. Camping with Macy doesn't sound all that great, but I don't want to miss out. It's a memory I want to be there for. Plan something fun, out of the ordinary, to do with your kids. They will appreciate it ways you can't imagine. Years down the road, you will be so happy to hear them sharing their memories with you, and it will have been worth all the trouble. I guarantee it!


Fantasy Friday

Since it's Mother's Day, I figure I should go all out. Maybe I'll get lucky!

I'd love to go to the movies!

This is Versace Versense perfume,
love it. (Also Dillard's has a great
gift set available right now, hint, hint!)

A pedicure.
Haven't had one since before Macy was born...

A beautiful ring

Found a deal for a cruise that leaves next weekend
for only $119 a person. Can you believe it?

Come to mama,
I want this soooooo bad!

I could see the pedicure or the movies maybe happening, but that is why this is Fantasy Friday. A girl can dream, right?


Things I love...

E-mails from my brother,
that seriously crack me up!

Things I love...

Cooper's ability to fall asleep anywhere!
This is in front of the computer in the kitchen,
he fell asleep watching Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Things I love...

A clean Kitchen Floor

I don't love children who spill fruit punch
on the floor, then leave for school without telling
me or cleaning it up properly, thus turning my
kitchen floor into this hideous sight!

Don't worry, the dirty one is the before picture, it is clean now!


Manic "MOM"day

This weekend I had someone ask for my help as a mother of 5. She was looking for some tips on how to make life run a little smoother. Now I am by no means perfect at making things run smooth. But I have figured a few things out on my way, so I will post them on Manic Momdays.

Today I am going to talk about socks. Up until a few weeks ago, my feeling was that socks should be disposable. I hate matching them up, I hate pulling them out of themselves when the kids & husband pull them off hastily, and they are in a stinky little ball.

I don't have a solution for the second problem yet, but the 1st one is finally no longer a problem.

I took a Sharpie, and marked a dot on each sock, according to the owner. 1 for Chloe, 2 for Andy, 3 for Buffy, and so on... I bought each of them a sock bin to go on their dresser. At the end of the night, all I have to do is put them in piles, and drop them in the bin. They match them up themselves. I try to buy matching socks, but there are always different brands that were gifts from grandma or something, but I really don't care if they don't match. The best thing is that it is even so simple, that Jon can't say he doesn't know which socks go where! I love not having the top of my dresser covered in socks that I just pile on day after day, I love not having to search for socks on PE days for the kids.

Hopefully this helps some of you. If you have any suggestions to make it even better, please leave a note!