Weekend Update

We had a great weekend that included, but was not limited to...

Lots of bike riding
Lots of inspiration from Conference
Date night with Wright's & Ross'
Homemade Sundaes after Priesthood with Ross'
Lots of cleaning
Hanging out with my fam at my mom's on Sunday
Snotty noses
Zombie killing (Johnny, I'm so glad you came by for a bit!)
Wonderful Weather
Road Rash

Just found out that Chloe & Andy have fantastic lottery numbers to get into school next year, I am THRILLED! I am getting excited for all the Easter Fun coming up this weekend. Hoping that the weather stays nice. How was your weekend?


Sheri said...

That looks painful...

My weekend was a blur. I vaguely remember going out for Mexican food and a sick kids.

My family Begins said...

Homeade sundaes sound yummy!
I miss seeing you guys at church.