Buffy's favorite part of the day,
Grandpa Messana's CREAMPUFFS

Buffy counting her money

Look at that sweet Lola

Probably 30 pictures of my kids together,
and not a single one that is great.
I wanted to kill them!

Waiting for the hunt

Grandma & Grandpa Messana

So much food and so much fun at my mom's house. Lasagna, salad, french bread, deviled eggs, ham, rolls, potatoes, cream puffs, canolis, tuxedo cake, lemon cake, strawberries, chocolate cake... It was a feast! We all brought eggs, and a lot of people put money in them. My mom's wonderful friend Jennifer comes, and she brought eggs, and 2 twenties, a ten spot, and some fives. Buffy got enough over the weekend to buy a new DS game, and Andy & Cooper pulled together and have enough tog o buy Monsters vs. Aliens for the Wii. Chloe is putting hers towards girl's camp. We had such a great time, and the weather was so fantastic. What a great weekend we had, I am so thankful. I wish it wasn't over!


Tiffany said...

Mmmm, cannoli!

Sheri said...

Your kids always look so cute for Easter. You put me to shame.

Ashley said...

Yay for Easter clothes!! LOVE the green! Didn't they have great colors this year? I liked the orange, too. So fun! Wish we could hang!!

Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

I LOVE the green! They all look sooo cute! You are so good at dressing your kids to look perfect! Please teach me a few tricks! :)