You gonna stop me?

I love her hands in this shot,
I love watching her work to use them...
(By the way, I made that cute
bow in her hair, isn't it darling?)

Seriously Mom, no more pictures!

Only Macy

I could listen to her sweet noises forever!

(Sorry, but I just had to add this one!)


Anonymous said...

Man she has to be the cutest kid in the world.

Ashley said...

Adorable, of course! Will she play with mega blocks? They're a hit at my house.

Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

She is sooo cute! I love that bow and I cant believe you made it! I wish I could use those but nope...having a boy. haha

Mimi said...

Love the commentary! She is pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

i /T\/T\ macy, i am her favorite si -
/ \
\heart /
\ /
\ /
-bling even!


Anonymous said...

it was supposed to be a heart...