The 3 Musketeers
Lola, Macy & William
Macy looks like a monster now!
(Notice her darling toes)

I love this picture of her,
she was just trying to figure Joe out.
She loves Joe-Joe,
what a good cousin!

We had a busy weekend. Jon and I had little date night Friday, finally. Headed to the mall with Macy, nothing too exciting, but at least it wasn't grocery shopping like it normally is! Saturday morning, Chloe & Andy had a placement test for a school we are trying to get them into. I dropped Buffy off at an Easter party, then Jon & I headed to the doctor with Macy & Coop. After the doctor we headed back to the easter party (which was fabulous, thanks Susan), and headed to get Chloe & Andy. We went home & did chores, Chloe and I went to Old Navy for a little shopping, then we headed to my mom's for our P. family Easter party. It was so fun seeing my cousins & aunts & uncles. It was the 1st time the 3 babies were together also. Sunday was the usual church, then had lunch at my mom's with everyone. The weather was fabulous, I am so enjoying it! Anyhow, wanted to say hi, and let you know I haven't forgotten about blogging, Macy just doesn't make it very easy. I am typing one-handed as we speak, so it takes a very long time!

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Ashley said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they grow? I hate it!
Macy is adorable! She has great facial expressions. So fun! Wish we could see you guys! Hopefully mom and I will get out there this summer-I'll let you know.