Wild Kingdom/Wild West

Macy loves Doug & Holly,
and it's just nice to have someone around that she'll be happy with!

As we were leaving this was on the wall,
I was disgusted. It fell off the wall, and
we flipped out. It was pretty funny!

This is what the inside of
Pinnacle Peak Patio looks like.
Cowboys don't wear ties, so if
you go to eat with one on, they cut
it off and staple it to the ceiling.
My dad loved this place, so after he died
we all went one night wearing his ties,
so they are up there somewhere.

Notice the fox in the background...

Chloe & Caleb (my nephew)

Captain Blackbeard

The fam with Jim Fowler

Cute cowgirl...

A few weeks ago I got some letter in the mail from Mutual of Omaha, I thought it was junk mail, but opened it anyways. There was an invitation inside for a free evening with Jim Fowler at Pinnacle Peak Patio. I passed it on to Jon, and didn't really think about it again. Jon R.S.V.P.'d, and it was last night. It was so much cooler than I had imagined. Jon's company has there money in that bank, and this was for people with big accounts, or people they wanted to get that had big accounts. Sometimes it's good to be married to Jon. They had free face painting, caricaturists, balloon artists, goodie bags... All the food & drinks were free, I introduced my kids to Shirley Temples. Kids had burgers, adults had steak & chicken. Jim Fowler sat at the table next to us, and kept looking at Macy. Then he brought out all the cool animals. Afterwards there were smores on the Patio. All in all a pretty cool night, especially because it didn't cost us a dime!


holdoug said...

That rat was so disgusting. My stomach was wrenching the whole way home. Gave me the willies!

Mimi said...

How fun, glad you went! Macy is so darn cute!

onehm said...

I LOVE that story about your dad and the ties. GREAT memory!