Phoenix Children's Museum

The kids thought this shoe storage place was cool

This is the back of a pickup truck

I would love to do this somewhere,
it is so pretty with all the prisms shining everywhere!

So we finally took the kids to the Phoenix Children's Museum today. They had a blast. By far I think the noodle forest was their favorite, but they really had fun in it all. After a few hours we left for lunch, then Jon dropped Chloe & Andy back off and they stayed until it closed. If you haven't been yet, put it on your to do list!

As you can see, Macy wasn't too sure about the Noodle Forest.


Juliagullia said...

Kristy, I love your laugh! You are so funny! Thanks for the preview of TCM, I'll take the kids since I've gotten an idea of what to expect.

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