Flyin' high

I can't decide if I am completely happy with our decision to go to the Airshow, but it was fun. The backs of my calves are quite toasty, there was some dehydration, a lot of heat, so much walking, not a lot of preparation, but it was still fun. I think we will think it through a lot more if we decide to go again. The Thunderbirds were awesome though, that was very cool! Always an adventure.

It was the 1st time that having so many children paid off, as we were walking, a soldier in a van pulled over and asked if we wanted a ride. There were a billion people around us, so we jumped in before they asked someone else. He told us when we were in the car that they were looking for older people, or families with lots of kids to give rides to. (fist pump) YES! Man it was good having 5 red heads yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Red you have one of the best Smiles. I miss Macy.

Kristy said...

Love you Johnny!

holdoug said...

We went over to the kid zone to watch the Thunderbirds in shade. We should have gone over sooner, meaning you and I. Seriously cute fly boys over there! What were we thinking sitting out in that sun! It was hotter in the shade! LOL!