First Friday

So tonight we are taking the 3 kids we have (Chloe & Andy won't be home until 11:00 or so) to First Friday. It is very cool if you have not done it. Tonight the Children's Museum, and possibly the Science Center are on our to do lists. We are going to take the Lightrail downtown, to get the full effect. Buffy & Coop are super excited.

Today was the last day of school, now we have 2 weeks of Spring break. It will be fun trying to find things to keep them occupied. Especially after this, this, this, and this.

Macy is done sitting on my lap, so I must be off. have a great weekend!
Beware of cuteness overload!!!


Mimi said...

SO CUTE!! Love her bow too!

Ashley said...

That made my day. Don't you just love how they laugh so whole heartedly and then just shut it off until the funny thing happens again?