Downtown Adventure

So we headed over to the Ross' at about 6:00. We hopped on the lightrail, and headed downtown. We got off around Central & Roosevelt area, and started walking, trying to find a place to eat. The poor people at Baja Grill were counting their drawers when we walked in, they weren't very happy. After dinner we hopped onto the Van Buren bus and headed to the Children's Museum. There was a 2 hour line, just to get a number to get inside. Needless to say, we didn't wait. Then we were going to go to the Science Center, but on First Friday's it is for adults only. So we just walked around downtown, the kids were freezing. It was fun though. We headed over to Az Center for ice cream, crazy right? By the time we made it back to the station for the train, the kids were pooped. I just kept telling them it was an adventure. Macy was an angel the whole night which really helped things. Unfortunately being out in the cold gave Coop an ear infection, and he was up crying all night, things are good now though! So lesson learned, next month we will be there right @ 5:00, maybe even a little earlier!

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Raych the brain Stangle said...

holy crap! good to know! we were perilously close to doing the same thing but thankfully my friends daughter was "too old" for a kids museum (she's not even 10!) but what ever! I think emma managed and ear infection with out getting cold -go figure. thus why I'm home and not at enrichment. I bet it rocked! I wish you the best woman you are amazing!