Super Mom

I really wish I had a cape, or a costume, even a t-shirt that was my uniform. It is amazing to me how mothers are supposed to be superheros. How did we get here?

I am sitting in my quiet kitchen, so happy that Macy is sleeping, and that I have a fantastic husband who took the other kids to the Science Fair and gave me no crap when I looked at him and said "No way in hell am I waking her up, to go to the school. I've seen the kids projects, they will deal!" If she wakes up on time, I will meander over, but I am not stressing.

Today as I wheeled out my overly full grocery cart, with Macy in the Baby Bjorn, and balancing a tired Cooper between me & the cart, someone stopped me (actually stopped me, did I honestly look like I wanted to be stopped by a stranger) to tell me I've got my hands full. Seriously old lady, you have no idea! As she tried to start a conversation, I quickly explained that I needed to get home to my other children, another comment from her.

I can see why people think I'm insane for having 5 children, I even think I'm insane. Even as I type, I am dreaming of a different life, maybe a fabulous one like this lovely lady. Then I come back to reality, and realize that I couldn't live without a single one of my kids. I am seriously the luckiest mom alive. I mean, have you seen my kids?

So as I try to wind down from a day of laundry, grocery shopping, nursing, snuggling a sick boy, errands, changing bed sheets, cleaning the front room, organizing cupboards, nursing some more, only to realize all I have to accomplish tonight to get ready to celebrate the fact that Buffy is here on earth for 8 years tomorrow, I take a deep breath. I sigh. I look out the window, not onto a perfectly manicured lawn, but I feel ok. I spend my time doing other things for and with my children. Things they will remember. I can't remember my yard growing up, I mean I remember parts of it, but if it was always perfect, your guess is as good as mine! I do remember planting a garden with my dad, playing with my first puppy, rollerskating, lying in the hammock. That's what matters. I like being a superhero. I am amazed at my ability to do so many things. I have found my niche, this is what I am supposed to be doing, and it feels good to know that.

I am really sorry I have been neglecting this blog so much lately. It seems like it is the 1st ball I drop, but I will always pick it up again, I promise! So I leave you with more pictures of the cutest baby on earth, and I realize you are probably getting tired of pictures of her, and then I think, yea right, who could ever get tired of looking at this?

Plus you take pictures of you you are with, and I am with her constantly, so there are lots of pictures to be taken!!


Ashley said...

Those are the cutest pics I've seen yet! I even love the snot! Something about baby snot isn't so bad as, like, three-year-old snot.

Amy said...

So sweet.

People are always making comments like that to me or within my earshot and I only have 3. What's up with that? Sometimes I do feel like I have my hands full, but most of the time I feel blessed to have each and every one of them...even Hayden!

Tiffany said...

I am totally laughing right now. I love that blog. I seriously am living through her. New York. Juliard. Red lipstick. Darling. And I totally agree with you. If one more person tells me I have my hands full I will loose it.

Sheri said...

Tiffany isn't lying. She does love that blog.

I have had a lot of motherhood reflections this week. Thank you for reminding me how awesome it is to be a mom!

Raych the brain Stangle said...

Yea!!! mason's in her purple seat! I'm so glad she uses it. what a cutie! I am so thrilled for you have such darling and sweet kids. (no wonder because of their mom!)

Anonymous said...