Recipe for a Birthday Party

We had a little party for Buffy last Friday. It was a cooking party. I made aprons for the girls, I found oven mitts & mixing bowls in the dollar section. They showed up and we started off by making individual pizzas for dinner. Then each girl made her own batch of brownies in her new bowl, to take home & bake the next day. The girls loved it. I was tired, and could not believe how filthy my kitchen was afterwards, but it was a success. I was so glad she was happy! Buffy is not a cake or cupcake person, so I made chocolate chip cookies, and we had cookie ice cream sundaes. She was thrilled! Now we are gearing up for her baptism this Saturday, she can't wait!


Mimi said...

Darling! I can imagine the mess!

Andrea said...

A Cooking bday party? How FUN!! I wouldn't want to clean up that mess either! LOL