I'll post Andy's when I finish it, luckily he doesn't need it til Tuesday because they are on a fieldtrip today. His is going to be cool!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I am looking forward to date night with the Finn's tomorrow, and laughing this whole week away! We're going to do our special Valentine's dinner with the kids on Sunday night, so I need to come up with a menu!


holdoug said...

I'm so glad I only have two kids left in elementary school that have to do Valentine's!

Juliagullia said...

And to think I slaved away stamping, scoring, cutting, piercing and punching when all I had to do was create the valentine in photoshop. POOP! They look great and of course I'm J.E.A.L.O.U.S! Sign me up for some private photoshop lessons. So far all I'm finding is frustration.