Macy loves free pancakes!

The kids were so hungry,
which made it even better!

So I enjoyed a day of free things yesterday. After a lunch of free tacos from Jack in the Box, we decided to go to Ihop for free pancakes for dinner.

After the lines at Denny's when they were giving away the free Grand Slams, I figured there was no way we were going to actually do it. We got there and there was no waiting. So after a few minutes, I decided to call Jimmy & Amber to let them know. They didn't answer their phone, but as I was hanging up, guess who turned into the parking lot, Jimmy & Amber. We were dying!


Jeanette said...

Oh no! We forgot about it!

Tiffany said...

You are so funny. I was totally bribing my kids with this. But they were punks and so I didn't take them. I even threatened to go by myself. That does look like fun.

Mimi said...

Oh man, wish I would have gone. Glad there was no waiting!