Crowded House

I think there were a lot of homes
across America that looked like this!

We had a little Superbowl Party. I think it was the most people we have ever had in our house at one time. WE had the most fabulous ribs (made by Jon) with my homemade sauce (amazing), BBQ Wings, Coleslaw, Ceviche, Chips & dip, Fruit Salad, Rice Krispie treats, Raspberry Dream Cake, Oreos... The kids did great, it wasn't too crazy. Macy had a hard time with all the screaming. It was a great game, and I am so glad we did it!

The best thing about having people over is it really kicks your butt into gear, so Saturday we got a lot done around the house. As always a fun weekend, and I am sad to see it over so soon!

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