Coupon $ense

(just a little Macy love to make
this post fun to look at!)

So after paying to be a member for almost a year, I have finally gotten my act together and I am actually doing it. I could kick myself when I think of all the money I wasted on food over the last year.

Last night after Enrichment, Jon & I put the kids to bed, bundled up Macy & headed to Fry's. When we checked out, I think Jon did a little jig when she told me that we saved $98 dollars. Not only that, but we only spent $40. It also helps that Jon will go with me to the different stores, because I HATE grocery shopping, let alone going to different stores all the time. So get your husbands on board with you, and have date night at the grocery store!

It is like a drug, every Monday I check out what's going to be free, I can't wait for the ads on Wednesday. We have probably 40 tubes of toothpaste that I haven't paid anything for, free shampoo & conditioner. We got Fruit Roll-ups for 25 cents, and Chef Boyardee for 32 cents. My kids love Chef Boyardee, I think it's nasty, but man were they happy when they saw 15 cans in our cupboard.

Anyhow, I know this isn't the most exciting post, but I am way excited!

P.S. I got released from YW's, so sad. I am now Enrichment Leader, I just hope it is better the 2nd time around. So ladies I am going to need ideas, I want to know cool things you are doing in your wards!

P.S.S. Macy cried for over an hour last night. Yet, she never actually fell asleep. Just cried & cried & cried. I love Jon, he let me sleep through it so it wouldn't kill me.


Ashley said...

I need to do better about using coupons. I know I could save so much money, but I'm too lazy to do it. Isn't that horrible?
Glad you're having fun!

Tiffany said...

I just signed back on to do it too. There is a lady in my ward that is amazing at it. I totally plan on stalking her. I don't think she knows that yet. We will have to start sharing the really good deals we find.

Mimi said...

I need to just give you my list and you can pick up the stuff I need. I'll pay you a little extra to make it worth your while!

Sheri said...

I think I'm going to start doing it too.

The Martin Family said...

Try www.pinchingyourpennies.com it is just like coupon sense, but free.