1. Your hair is THE most beautiful red, out of everyone's. I love to look at it!

2. How much you love to be with me, it makes me feel incredibly important!

3. How amazingly helpful you are.

4. I love your goofiness.

5. I love sneaking up and seeing you sing & dance, I love that you are shy.

6. Your robot can always cheer me up!

7. How good you are to other people, you are always concerned with everyone's feelings.

8. I love to snuggle with you, stop growing please!

Have a fabulous birthday sweet girl, I love you so much Buffaroo!


Anonymous said...

Buffy ROCKS!!! Happy B-day Kiddo!!
I love you!!

Uncle John

Raych the brain Stangle said...

what an absolute cutie, man she is gonna break some hearts kristy.

Mimi said...

Oh man, those pics make me so sad. She was so little and now she is getting so big! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am totally bawling. Mark just asked me what I was reading to make me cry and I couldn't even speak. She is so darling. I still remember when we came to your house a few years back and you let her stay up late and hang out with you while you were making jewelry. She dumped the entire case of separated pieces on the floor. Even though it was funny I remember thinking I was sure it would be easier for you if you had just made her go to bed. Well now that I have my own little 2 year old girl I understand why you didn't. Every minute with them is a blessing. They have such darling personalities. Happy Birthday Buffy!