Another one bites the dust

All I can say is at least we don't kill off kids like we do pets. Yesterday Jon bought 2 baby chicks, we have been wanting chickens for a long time so we can start getting our own eggs. The kids had so much fun naming them & holding them. We woke up this morning to Ginger chirping, and I thought Duncan was sleeping. Then all of the sudden Duncan fell straight back with it's feet in the air. An hour later, Ginger has joined her furry friend. Seriously, I don't know what it is. My poor kids. I think Jon is going to have a word with the Feed Store owner who sold us the chicks.

It's always something!


Anonymous said...

Chirp Chirp!!!

Chicks: please don't send us to that house!!!

Pet store: Shut up you will be fine!

Chicks: I heard they killed my cousins a couple of years ago.

Pet store: thats just a rumor now get in the bag and be happy.

Chicks: I hope heaven is a lot better than this place.

Whitny said...

That chick with the x on its eyes. Is so funny. Love it.

Kristy said...

Johnny, I knew this would make your day!

Chirp, Chirp

Ashley said...

Tried goldfish once...
never again.