It's terrible that it has been since Nov of 2007, that I have posted a recipe. So if you think these look yummy, and trust me they are, head on over here!



Macy loves free pancakes!

The kids were so hungry,
which made it even better!

So I enjoyed a day of free things yesterday. After a lunch of free tacos from Jack in the Box, we decided to go to Ihop for free pancakes for dinner.

After the lines at Denny's when they were giving away the free Grand Slams, I figured there was no way we were going to actually do it. We got there and there was no waiting. So after a few minutes, I decided to call Jimmy & Amber to let them know. They didn't answer their phone, but as I was hanging up, guess who turned into the parking lot, Jimmy & Amber. We were dying!



Can you spot what doesn't belong on the counter?

Dinner at mom's

The girls with Gigi

The February birthdays
Joey, Johnny, Grandpa, Katrina,
Buffy, Mom & Audrey

We had dinner at my mom's on Sunday and celebrated all the February birthdays, I think February is officially the busiest month. everyone had a good time, and it was fun having my grandparents there. Nothing better than getting together with the fam!

Recipe for a Birthday Party

We had a little party for Buffy last Friday. It was a cooking party. I made aprons for the girls, I found oven mitts & mixing bowls in the dollar section. They showed up and we started off by making individual pizzas for dinner. Then each girl made her own batch of brownies in her new bowl, to take home & bake the next day. The girls loved it. I was tired, and could not believe how filthy my kitchen was afterwards, but it was a success. I was so glad she was happy! Buffy is not a cake or cupcake person, so I made chocolate chip cookies, and we had cookie ice cream sundaes. She was thrilled! Now we are gearing up for her baptism this Saturday, she can't wait!


Weekly Photo

(taken at Joey & Audrey's b-day party)



1. Your hair is THE most beautiful red, out of everyone's. I love to look at it!

2. How much you love to be with me, it makes me feel incredibly important!

3. How amazingly helpful you are.

4. I love your goofiness.

5. I love sneaking up and seeing you sing & dance, I love that you are shy.

6. Your robot can always cheer me up!

7. How good you are to other people, you are always concerned with everyone's feelings.

8. I love to snuggle with you, stop growing please!

Have a fabulous birthday sweet girl, I love you so much Buffaroo!


Super Mom

I really wish I had a cape, or a costume, even a t-shirt that was my uniform. It is amazing to me how mothers are supposed to be superheros. How did we get here?

I am sitting in my quiet kitchen, so happy that Macy is sleeping, and that I have a fantastic husband who took the other kids to the Science Fair and gave me no crap when I looked at him and said "No way in hell am I waking her up, to go to the school. I've seen the kids projects, they will deal!" If she wakes up on time, I will meander over, but I am not stressing.

Today as I wheeled out my overly full grocery cart, with Macy in the Baby Bjorn, and balancing a tired Cooper between me & the cart, someone stopped me (actually stopped me, did I honestly look like I wanted to be stopped by a stranger) to tell me I've got my hands full. Seriously old lady, you have no idea! As she tried to start a conversation, I quickly explained that I needed to get home to my other children, another comment from her.

I can see why people think I'm insane for having 5 children, I even think I'm insane. Even as I type, I am dreaming of a different life, maybe a fabulous one like this lovely lady. Then I come back to reality, and realize that I couldn't live without a single one of my kids. I am seriously the luckiest mom alive. I mean, have you seen my kids?

So as I try to wind down from a day of laundry, grocery shopping, nursing, snuggling a sick boy, errands, changing bed sheets, cleaning the front room, organizing cupboards, nursing some more, only to realize all I have to accomplish tonight to get ready to celebrate the fact that Buffy is here on earth for 8 years tomorrow, I take a deep breath. I sigh. I look out the window, not onto a perfectly manicured lawn, but I feel ok. I spend my time doing other things for and with my children. Things they will remember. I can't remember my yard growing up, I mean I remember parts of it, but if it was always perfect, your guess is as good as mine! I do remember planting a garden with my dad, playing with my first puppy, rollerskating, lying in the hammock. That's what matters. I like being a superhero. I am amazed at my ability to do so many things. I have found my niche, this is what I am supposed to be doing, and it feels good to know that.

I am really sorry I have been neglecting this blog so much lately. It seems like it is the 1st ball I drop, but I will always pick it up again, I promise! So I leave you with more pictures of the cutest baby on earth, and I realize you are probably getting tired of pictures of her, and then I think, yea right, who could ever get tired of looking at this?

Plus you take pictures of you you are with, and I am with her constantly, so there are lots of pictures to be taken!!


Sky High

Andy designed it, but the cool part is on the back of it is a template to turn the Valentine into a super cool paper airplane. Something fun.


Oops, my bad

I totally for got about my 5th child.
I made hers because it's so fun when you
have such a cute model. I just completely
spaced posting them.



I'll post Andy's when I finish it, luckily he doesn't need it til Tuesday because they are on a fieldtrip today. His is going to be cool!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I am looking forward to date night with the Finn's tomorrow, and laughing this whole week away! We're going to do our special Valentine's dinner with the kids on Sunday night, so I need to come up with a menu!


Coupon $ense

(just a little Macy love to make
this post fun to look at!)

So after paying to be a member for almost a year, I have finally gotten my act together and I am actually doing it. I could kick myself when I think of all the money I wasted on food over the last year.

Last night after Enrichment, Jon & I put the kids to bed, bundled up Macy & headed to Fry's. When we checked out, I think Jon did a little jig when she told me that we saved $98 dollars. Not only that, but we only spent $40. It also helps that Jon will go with me to the different stores, because I HATE grocery shopping, let alone going to different stores all the time. So get your husbands on board with you, and have date night at the grocery store!

It is like a drug, every Monday I check out what's going to be free, I can't wait for the ads on Wednesday. We have probably 40 tubes of toothpaste that I haven't paid anything for, free shampoo & conditioner. We got Fruit Roll-ups for 25 cents, and Chef Boyardee for 32 cents. My kids love Chef Boyardee, I think it's nasty, but man were they happy when they saw 15 cans in our cupboard.

Anyhow, I know this isn't the most exciting post, but I am way excited!

P.S. I got released from YW's, so sad. I am now Enrichment Leader, I just hope it is better the 2nd time around. So ladies I am going to need ideas, I want to know cool things you are doing in your wards!

P.S.S. Macy cried for over an hour last night. Yet, she never actually fell asleep. Just cried & cried & cried. I love Jon, he let me sleep through it so it wouldn't kill me.


Another one bites the dust

All I can say is at least we don't kill off kids like we do pets. Yesterday Jon bought 2 baby chicks, we have been wanting chickens for a long time so we can start getting our own eggs. The kids had so much fun naming them & holding them. We woke up this morning to Ginger chirping, and I thought Duncan was sleeping. Then all of the sudden Duncan fell straight back with it's feet in the air. An hour later, Ginger has joined her furry friend. Seriously, I don't know what it is. My poor kids. I think Jon is going to have a word with the Feed Store owner who sold us the chicks.

It's always something!


Crowded House

I think there were a lot of homes
across America that looked like this!

We had a little Superbowl Party. I think it was the most people we have ever had in our house at one time. WE had the most fabulous ribs (made by Jon) with my homemade sauce (amazing), BBQ Wings, Coleslaw, Ceviche, Chips & dip, Fruit Salad, Rice Krispie treats, Raspberry Dream Cake, Oreos... The kids did great, it wasn't too crazy. Macy had a hard time with all the screaming. It was a great game, and I am so glad we did it!

The best thing about having people over is it really kicks your butt into gear, so Saturday we got a lot done around the house. As always a fun weekend, and I am sad to see it over so soon!

Weekly Photo