Weekly Photo (with a story)

(The boys are in no shirts because we were eating Sloppy Joes, total class, I know!)

So when I woke up yesterday, I really htought it would be an uneventful day. Then I realized it was 7:45 and we had to leave for church by 8:45. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father slowed down time outside of my house, because somehow we made it to church on tie, and everyone looked ok. I even received compliments on my hair that was leftover from the day before!

Macy was happy the whole way to church, no tears. Miracle #2. Then she was an angel all through church, a little loud, but an angel nonetheless. Miracle #3.

We got home and everyone was happy. Jon got lunch together while I was nursing the babe. The boys were killing zombies, and the girls were helping in the kitchen. Miracle #4. We all sat down for a humble meal of Sloppy Joes, chips, canteloupe & Potato Wedges, that Jon wanted to make.

Here's where it takes a turn. As we were eating, Buffy looks up and asks if there is supposed to be black smoke coming out of the stove. Jon turns around & opens the door, and flames shoot out. So he shuts it quickly. You would think panic would ensue, but I kept eating my sandwich. Jon opens it again, and bigger flames come out. I calmly inquire where our extinguishers that he was supposed to get us were, and am informed that we don't have them yet. He sends Buffy for the spray bottle, and I inform him that we don't use water on an oil or grease fire. At this point I make the kids stop eating and go outside. The kitchen is filling up with black smoke. I call 911.

The little girls in the parking lot next door are sitting in the truck bed, and asking us if we are ok. Cooper is scared, Andy is telling everyone what to do because according to him "I am a Boy Scout, and I know what we need to do. Stand behind this line!"

By the time the fire department came the fire was out. Luckily the oven survived, and all we have left is a nice smoky smell in our house, which is already subsiding. Quite the adventure!

After it was all over, I looked at Jon, and with remorse said "We just lost our chance to be out of this house. We should have grabbed the important stuff, opened the oven door, shut the back door & never looked back." Oh well, maybe next time!

My only question now, is Jon got the idea for these stupid fries from Rachel Ray, do you think we can sue?


Anonymous said...

why don't you just move to nudist colony and let thoes boys roam free.

Sheri said...

That's something you'll kids will remember...

holdoug said...

I think Jon may have used a little too much oil. I have made oven fries dozens of times without the fire dept. stopping by. Maybe I will use a little more oil next time. I do love a man in uniform!

Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

Wow, I can't believe you didn't panic! I would have been a wreck. I'm glad nothing permanent happened because I LOVE your house!