My Word...

~ TRY ~


harder at saving money

harder to cook 4 times a week

to be a better mother

to not rely on Jon for so much

to do better in my calling

to do better at my job

harder to lose weight

not to kill my children

not to get annoyed when Buffy is whining in my ear (right now)

to be a better person

etc, etc, etc ...

If at first you don't succeed, TRY TRY again! What's your word???


onehm said...

GREAT word for the year!! :)
LOVE your new year's topper...so creative!!

Ashley said...

My word: Enjoy
Enjoy being a mom
Enjoy being a wife
Enjoy my little ones, even when their whining in my ear
Enjoy serving those I love, i.e. doing their laundry, cleaning their toilets, cooking their dinners, etc.
Enjoy fulfilling my callings
Best of luck to you! Love you!

liz said...

i think mine will have to be smile.