Happy Birthday

Mr. Clean

I love that he is manly enough to wear the Baby Bjorn

I love how much my kids love him!

He has mad Kneeboarding skills

He doesn't mind doing dirty work
(that I will not do!)

I like it when he goes blonde

More mad skillz

Oh yea, he loves me this much!

There are too many things to mention that I love about him. But here are a few:

How he smells after a shower (yummy)
How hard he works
He loves me unconditionally (and that is hard!)
He is so great with our kids
He makes me laugh, a lot!
He takes care of my mom
He can do anything
He didn't hold it against me when my dad was alive, and I had to always check with my dad, even if Jon knew what he was doing
He is a good man
He takes his calling seriously
He was my friend's home teacher, and she would come to church alone with her 2 little girls. She knew she could hand him either of her girls and he would take care of them. Not a lot of men would take care of someone else's kids during church!

Anyhow, that's just a few things. Hope you have a great birthday honey!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Mimi said...

He does smell yummy! Happy Birthday!