Around Christmas '07, we bought $50 gift certificates, for $25, for the most amazing restaurant ~Donovan's~. We used to do Ruth's Chris for our anniversary, what can I say, we are carnivores. Then one night we happened upon Donovan's.

Jon and I were driving around for date night, doing the usual "I don't know what sounds good to you" bit. So we decided the next restaurant we passed we would eat at. When we pulled into the parking lot, we should have known. It was valet only, and there ere Mercedes, Jags, Beamers, you name it in the parking lot. We still went it, I mean we made a deal, right?!? It's beautiful inside, old men in their sports coats, personal wine lockers, dark wood paneling. Needless to say we shared a meal and creme brulee that night. We have gone back for our anniversary ever since.

So back to the certificates, we bought them in '07. Our anniversary came, but during that same week, some of Jon's clients decided to take all the owner's and their wives out to dinner, and we went to Donovan's. So we didn't use our cards. Jon has tried to get me to go many times in the last year, but between a yucky pregnancy, rotten kids, not feeling good, and life in general, it just hasn't happened.

So tonight we go. I am so excited, not only for a fantastic steak and creme brulee, but it will be my 1st date night without the babe! I pray she behaves for her grandma, so I can actually enjoy myself!

On another note, I am LOVING my haircut. It is so simple, I can just let it dry naturally, then put a few curls in it and it looks fine. Today I decided to round brush it, and it looks amazing. I look like I just went to the salon. I am so excited. I don't think I have ever loved a haircut this much!!!

What are you excited about today?


Mimi said...

So happy for you! and jealous about the creme brulee!

I don't know that you've ever actually LOVEd a haircut before, so I'm happy for you!

I get to babysit Molly's munckins today, should be fun!

Ashley said...

What am I excited about?
Not my hair, that's for sure!
Have fun tonight!!!

Sheri said...

Your haircut is super cute. I've never even heard of Donovans. It sounds heavenly!

Sheri said...

Oh, and I'm excited it's the weekend. This last week sucked. Royally.