Fantasy Friday

I know you probably all think I'm crazy, but I am sick of 70 & 80 degree weather in January. My fantasy is to have a REAL winter. It doesn't have to be below zero, or insane like Minnesota or Chicago. Winter like the White Mountains or Flagstaff. They get snow, but it warms up also. I just want to wear long sleeves and a jacket every once in a while!


Not Fair

Drool bomb!

Don't you love seeing the light through her ears?

Loves sucking on her toes!

What a smile!

Who me???

I seriously feel bad for other babies out there, she is just too cute. It should be against the law to be this darling!


Morning Glory

As much as I hate it when morning rolls around, I sure adore this girl in the morning (even if she woke up TWICE last night)! She is so happy, and lovey. She nuzzles & cuddles, and gets so excited when she nurses. It makes me feel good to know this sweet little thing loves me so much. Especially since my 12 year old doesn't love me so much anymore. I don't want that day to come for this one! I need to enjoy the unconditional love while I can!


In the wee small hours...

So Macy has officially stopped sleeping at night. When it started about 6 weeks ago, I kept telling myself it was just a phase. It hasn't changed. She wakes up usually around 2:30 or 3:00, and stays up till 4:30 or 5:00. People, I am running on fumes. I can't let her cry, because it wakes the girls up (they are all in the same room). So I am just dealing with it. The wheels are starting to come off.

My to do list :

7 full hampers of laundry

sweep & mop kitchen

clean the black hole that is currently my bedroom

organize kitchen cabinets to make room for all the stuff I am getting from coupon sense

pick up kids

make dinner (make lunch for that matter!)

make magnet board for a friend

prepare lesson

drive to scouts

go to the store

organize boys room

organize girls room

Clean out hallway in front of Jon's old bathroom (you can't even imagine the crap stored in there)

meet with Bob

go to bank

go to Trailer Park

Make rent change notice

Send in change report for work


Do you ever feel like you are drowning? I do, I am. Seriously, somethings gotta give, and soon!


What not to do...

Advice for all you parents with a 10 year old boy:

It is NOT ok to go to the bathroom while he is in there. We only have one bathroom, so if it is just #1, I will go right ahead. Andy was disgusted this morning. So now I know, it is so NOT ok to do that with him in the room. Just a word of advice for all you out there!



Does anyone out there know how to make cute bows? If you do, would you like to teach me? Pretty please with cherries on top???


Yes, history was made today. Cooper can't understand why I've been watching all day. It's exciting to see it happen. To be alive, and know I will remember when this happened. I like how he did not beat around the bush in his speech. He knows things are tough, and I think he is honestly going to try his hardest to fix them. I pray that it works!

On the other hand, I am sickened by the hypocrisy of our government. The deficit we have as a nation, the troubled times we are headed into. The amount of everyday Joe's who are hurting, and yet it is totally okay to spend $160 million on this day. If I were elected, I would have forgone a lot of the hoopla, and helped as many people as I could with the money being spent on parades, and food, and music, etc... It is absolutely insane!

What to watch...

This is Jon's and my favorite new show. If you haven't watched it, tune into FOX tonite at 8:00. It is very cool. All new episodes begin tonight, and I am super excited!


Weekend Review

My weekend included ( in no particular order):

Major excitement over this!!!

A little of this...

A LOT of this...

One of these,

Homemade Ribs, Red Potatoes,
Corn on the Cob
Strawberry Pie & Homemade Oreos

3 hours of this...

Dinner with The HillsAnd so much zombie killing,
I'm dreaming about it!

How was your weekend?

P.S. I really hate it when the pictures get cut off, but I am too tired to fix it, so deal with it, ok?!?


Fantasy Friday

I just want to sleep. That is my fantasy. Sleep, through the night, into the morning, undisturbed,fabulous old fashioned sleep!


Weekly Photo (with a story)

(The boys are in no shirts because we were eating Sloppy Joes, total class, I know!)

So when I woke up yesterday, I really htought it would be an uneventful day. Then I realized it was 7:45 and we had to leave for church by 8:45. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father slowed down time outside of my house, because somehow we made it to church on tie, and everyone looked ok. I even received compliments on my hair that was leftover from the day before!

Macy was happy the whole way to church, no tears. Miracle #2. Then she was an angel all through church, a little loud, but an angel nonetheless. Miracle #3.

We got home and everyone was happy. Jon got lunch together while I was nursing the babe. The boys were killing zombies, and the girls were helping in the kitchen. Miracle #4. We all sat down for a humble meal of Sloppy Joes, chips, canteloupe & Potato Wedges, that Jon wanted to make.

Here's where it takes a turn. As we were eating, Buffy looks up and asks if there is supposed to be black smoke coming out of the stove. Jon turns around & opens the door, and flames shoot out. So he shuts it quickly. You would think panic would ensue, but I kept eating my sandwich. Jon opens it again, and bigger flames come out. I calmly inquire where our extinguishers that he was supposed to get us were, and am informed that we don't have them yet. He sends Buffy for the spray bottle, and I inform him that we don't use water on an oil or grease fire. At this point I make the kids stop eating and go outside. The kitchen is filling up with black smoke. I call 911.

The little girls in the parking lot next door are sitting in the truck bed, and asking us if we are ok. Cooper is scared, Andy is telling everyone what to do because according to him "I am a Boy Scout, and I know what we need to do. Stand behind this line!"

By the time the fire department came the fire was out. Luckily the oven survived, and all we have left is a nice smoky smell in our house, which is already subsiding. Quite the adventure!

After it was all over, I looked at Jon, and with remorse said "We just lost our chance to be out of this house. We should have grabbed the important stuff, opened the oven door, shut the back door & never looked back." Oh well, maybe next time!

My only question now, is Jon got the idea for these stupid fries from Rachel Ray, do you think we can sue?



Around Christmas '07, we bought $50 gift certificates, for $25, for the most amazing restaurant ~Donovan's~. We used to do Ruth's Chris for our anniversary, what can I say, we are carnivores. Then one night we happened upon Donovan's.

Jon and I were driving around for date night, doing the usual "I don't know what sounds good to you" bit. So we decided the next restaurant we passed we would eat at. When we pulled into the parking lot, we should have known. It was valet only, and there ere Mercedes, Jags, Beamers, you name it in the parking lot. We still went it, I mean we made a deal, right?!? It's beautiful inside, old men in their sports coats, personal wine lockers, dark wood paneling. Needless to say we shared a meal and creme brulee that night. We have gone back for our anniversary ever since.

So back to the certificates, we bought them in '07. Our anniversary came, but during that same week, some of Jon's clients decided to take all the owner's and their wives out to dinner, and we went to Donovan's. So we didn't use our cards. Jon has tried to get me to go many times in the last year, but between a yucky pregnancy, rotten kids, not feeling good, and life in general, it just hasn't happened.

So tonight we go. I am so excited, not only for a fantastic steak and creme brulee, but it will be my 1st date night without the babe! I pray she behaves for her grandma, so I can actually enjoy myself!

On another note, I am LOVING my haircut. It is so simple, I can just let it dry naturally, then put a few curls in it and it looks fine. Today I decided to round brush it, and it looks amazing. I look like I just went to the salon. I am so excited. I don't think I have ever loved a haircut this much!!!

What are you excited about today?


Ivory (not the soap)

I'm so glad that after 14 years,
we are still having fun!

I love you, can we make it 14 more???



It's strange how quiet a house can be. I am lonely today. Cooper stayed home, and I still have Macy, but my tiny little house, that is usually packed to it's gills with people, feels empty today. Jon was lucky enough to have the last 2 weeks or so off from work, and all the kids were home, so we have had a crazy, noisy, busy house over the Holidays. I miss everyone today. I'm hoping I will get the energy to accomplish something, but so far a shower is as far as I have gotten.

Last night was a baaaaad night. Macy woke up at 1:00, and I got her back to sleep by 2:00. Jon's snoring woke her up by 2:15, I got her back to sleep at 3:30. This time she fell asleep, but between Jon's snoring, and Cooper's hacking, I didn't fall asleep until 5:15 or so. I am dying today. I think the babe is teething. I have a feeling she will not be a happy teether, so wish me luck!

I am feeling especially grateful today, I don't know why, but I do. I am so lucky to have my life. I have 5 amazing, healthy children. I have a roof over my head (although it is somewhat leaky). My car is in good condition. We have food on our table. I have a job, and my husband's business is doing well. I am so appreciative of all the things I have. I need to keep that thankfulness in my heart when I get down, because no matter how hard things are, it could always be worse!


How do you?

How do you spend your birthday?

Here it involves feeding the baby, changing diapers, making beds, going to Costco, trying to get to Two Hippies for lunch, but the parade route interfered, playing video games, Bbq-ing steaks, cleaning the potatoes for dinner, but most especially...

A slamming game of Pick-up Stix with the kids! Man it's good to be 37...


Happy Birthday

Mr. Clean

I love that he is manly enough to wear the Baby Bjorn

I love how much my kids love him!

He has mad Kneeboarding skills

He doesn't mind doing dirty work
(that I will not do!)

I like it when he goes blonde

More mad skillz

Oh yea, he loves me this much!

There are too many things to mention that I love about him. But here are a few:

How he smells after a shower (yummy)
How hard he works
He loves me unconditionally (and that is hard!)
He is so great with our kids
He makes me laugh, a lot!
He takes care of my mom
He can do anything
He didn't hold it against me when my dad was alive, and I had to always check with my dad, even if Jon knew what he was doing
He is a good man
He takes his calling seriously
He was my friend's home teacher, and she would come to church alone with her 2 little girls. She knew she could hand him either of her girls and he would take care of them. Not a lot of men would take care of someone else's kids during church!

Anyhow, that's just a few things. Hope you have a great birthday honey!



In sticking with the theme of a new year, with new goals, new hopes, and new dreams, I figured I should have a new look also. So here goes...

You can't even imagine the pile of hair I left at my friend's house. I can't believe I went short again, but I think I'm gonna like it!

Erin, you rock and I totally love you! Thanks for a great afternoon of gabbing, and a rockin' new do!


New Year's Eve

The Crowd

The Birthday Girl

Johnny & Keith getting frisky
under the table...

My sister is so photogenic, it makes me sick!
Nice Jon...

Becky, Keith & the 3rd wheel

For those of you who don't get this picture,
look back at the picture of the hand holding.
That finger isn't there...

We did a low key New Year's. We drooped our kids off to play at Keith & Becky's (and said a little prayer that they would all behave for the older sisters), and headed off to Cheesecake. Johnny & Jenn, and Jimmy & Amber met us there. Cami & Tyler brought Darrin & Ashley, which we were so excited about! Ashley is one of my most favorite people, if you don't know her, get to know her. I was glad we were able to celebrate her birthday! Everyone laughed, and laughed, then ate, and ate some more. There was a lot of plate switching going on. Then everyone was home on time to ring in the new year with their kids. It was a great way to say goodbye to 2008.

2008 was a tough year, and I am really looking forward to starting fresh. I have my list, I've checked it twice. I hope things change for the better, and I wish everyone the absolute best for 2009!

My Word...

~ TRY ~


harder at saving money

harder to cook 4 times a week

to be a better mother

to not rely on Jon for so much

to do better in my calling

to do better at my job

harder to lose weight

not to kill my children

not to get annoyed when Buffy is whining in my ear (right now)

to be a better person

etc, etc, etc ...

If at first you don't succeed, TRY TRY again! What's your word???