Weekend Review

The party was a hit Friday night. A huge turnout as always, and so much fun all around!

We broke out the Guitar Hero World Tour, which was a total blast, and as usual the cool crowd hang around until the wee hours of the night!

Saturday Jon had inventory at work, so the kids and I had a lazy morning, and finally got working on chores by lunchtime. We headed over to my mom's in the afternoon for some leftovers, and to just hang out for a bit.

Saturday night we drove the kids to a homeless shelter. It was amazing how silent the car became as they saw the hundreds of people setting up there things on the cold street. There were lines, and a few port-a-potties. I don't think they realized how close to home this type of thing was. It is literally 8 minutes from our house. It was good for them to see that there are people here in our city that are hungry, and cold. It doesn't only happen in Africa. Andy was quick to realize that he really doesn't have the worst life ever! When we got home, Jon had them lay down outside on the concrete for a few minutes. I think they appreciated our home, and beds, and warmth, and treats so much more that night!

We picked our Secret Santa names, so it is service time. I am having the kids write down the service that they do for there person everyday, so it is easier for them to remember to do it. Sunday's are interesting now with Macy. Jon and I both teach, and she is way too much of a distraction for the Deacons, so I get to have her. In my class is also our YW Secretary, with her 1 year old, so Macy is a huge distraction to him. I have a feeling it is going to take a while to get my groove back in that class! Afterwards we went to my mom's for homemade Split Pea Soup, and pasta for everyone else. We enjoyed the cold weather, and headed home. We were welcomed with brownies on the doorstep, and a few hours later, this fabulous new couple in our ward brought over more goodies. Can I just say, that she seriously makes the best sugar cookies I have ever eaten in my life! I will be tracking down that recipe this week!

Last week of school, 11 days til Christmas, it is time to get crazy! Lots to do, lots to be thankful for, let's hope it all happens!


Mimi said...

Great post! Love the idea of taking the kids to the shelter. really puts things into perspective. Love you guys!

Sheri said...

Last year on Christmas Eve we handed out brown bag lunches and socks to homeless people. It really opened my kids eyes.