We took the kids to the Temple last night, so we could get it in before it's over. The weather was perfect, not too cold, but not too warm either. It just doesn't work for me if I am hot! We stooped by QT yummiest gas station Hot Cocoa around.

AS we sat around the statue of Christ, I felt the spirit so much. I watched my kids, and was so thankful that they know how to behave in the Visitors center. There was a lady next to us, whose little girl kept running up to the statue, and then she kept yelling her name to get her to come back, and she thought it was cute. Lady, there are people here trying to feel the spirit, trying to listen to the words, not to you yelling at your kid!

Cooper came over and sat by me, and even at that young age, he could fell it too. He was so reverent, and he knew how special of a place it was. I love my kids, they bring me so much joy!

I also thought about how last year, while we sat in that very same spot, Jon got the feeling that we should have another baby(it was a huge surprise to me, he had been telling me for 2 years we were done!), and now look where we are. We never would have had sweet Macy if it wasn't for that. Luckily no such revelation came last night.

Anyhow, another tradition I love. SO glad we made it, and just in the nick of time!


Mimi said...

bummer, I would have loved to go with you guys! glad you had such a great time and a strong sense of the spirit.

liz said...

I love this fam picture I want to put it up in my own house. hehehe

it was awesome to hang this week and macy is a darling! she's gotten me even more excited for my own baby girl.

p.s. i keep petting my pretty little girl outfit- thanks again.

Sheri said...

We didn't get much time to hang out by the statue of Christ when we were there. Having a crazy 2 year old kind of squashes the spirit.

When I read that post - especially the part about how much you love your kids I teared up a little. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to be a mother.