Lightrail Adventure

The kids finally got a seat, they were very happy!

Sweet little girl, she screams in the car,
but loved the lightrail!

Buffy and Chloe liked standing up

It was soooo cold!

Clowns freak Chloe out, so I had to get a picture of them with one!

As most of you know, I am very big on my kids experiencing everything. A few years ago I decided it was time for them to ride a City bus, so I packed them up, put Cooper in his stroller, and we headed off to the bus stop. We were just gonna go down the street to my mom's house, as we were waiting for the bus my mom drove by, so she made us all pile in her car and drove us. Luckily our school takes the city bus lots of places, so they know what it's like.

So Saturday after we saw Bedtime Stories with my mom & siblings, we headed over to ride the lightrail. We parked at Central Ave & Thomas and got on. It was crowded at first, but after a few stops the kids were able to get seats. We thought we would just ride until the end, and ride it all the way back. What we didn't know, was that when we got to the end (19th & Montebello) they were making everyone get off the train, and get in line for the next one or one of the shuttle buses. There were probably 1500 people in the line, for both. So we called my mom, and she headed over to the Costco to pick us up. Let me remind you that it was freezing outside, and my kids were hungry.

This is all of us stuffed in my mom's jag.
I was praying we didn't get into an accident on
the way to our car!

When we got to where we parked, we decided to head into Lenny's Burger Shop for lunch. While Jon ordered, I nursed Macy to sleep. Her second nap on my lap (the 1st one was during the movie).

Are you wondering wear the babe is?

On my lap under the table. I had to cover her in napkins so
I wouldn't drop food on her, the burgers are
super delicious, but super messy, as seen
in the picture below!

We had so much fun, and I just kept telling the kids it was an adventure. I know some people think I am nuts for dragging 5 kids around and doing stuff like that, but I love it. They have so much fun, and we are making memories they will never forget!


Ashley said...

Sounds like a crazy fun time! I, too, want my kids to experience life. I feel like I should do with five what I would do with two. Otherwise "no fair"! Hope your Christmas was happy!

liz said...

yeah! we hit the light rail today too it was fun to be part of az transportation history and it was PACKED. we though about going into phoenix and called you guys, but we only went into tempe a little, walked mill, and too it back to apache.

Anonymous said...

I hung my head in shame, thinking of all the small businesses that were closed so we could have this ugly train run through our too spread out city to possibly make it worth while.

Sheri said...

That looks like so much fun. I think I might have to take my clan :)