Going, Going, Going...

I just got my Christmas Cards made and ordered. One major thing off my to-do list. I got some shopping done this weekend, so not too much more, thank goodness! It is hard this year with a baby who doesn't want to leave her home, ever!

Friday Jon and I went shopping and out to dinner. Chloe freaked out about babysitting, she said "What if I had plans" we replied "But you don't" again she said "what if I did" back to us "But you don't." I told her I am getting as much babysitting out of her as I possible can to make up for the year's of money we spent on sitters. Plus I know in a year or two, she will always have plans.

Saturday was our ward party during the day. When it was over I sent Jon & the kids home, and I headed to the mall. I came home to a clean house, I was so happy!

Saturday night we were meeting Jon's sister, Jen, in Scottsdale to go to dinner and McCormick railroad park. They drove all the way from Casa Grande, we met at Wendy's. Then we headed to the park, only to find out that they are late in putting up their lights this year. That was a long drive just for Wendy's, so they headed back to our house so the kids could at least play with each other for a bit. I was really glad then that my house was clean!

Sunday was just the usual craziness, but we got to church ontime! Andy did FHE that night, and everyone had fun doing his little craft.

Last night we went to the Ross' for dinner and a little Guitar Hero World Tour FHE. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast, and it was just a relaxing evening. Macy was such a good girl, which made it really nice. She has really hit a good groove, and is so happy most of the time now. As long as we are not in the car, or anywhere else besides her home!

I spent today at the doctor's office. Chloe & Andy had physicals, which turned into Andy needing X-Rays and bloodwork. When we finally finished with the X-Rays, the blood lab was closed for lunch, so Jon just headed back with him to get it done. It's always something!

I have some super cute pictures of Macy, but can't find my memory card reader, so you will just have to wait! I promise I will get back into regular postings again soon just be patient...


Sheri said...

I can't believe how much you got done this weekend! I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and haven't ordered my cards.

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I can feel Chloe's pain being the oldest of 10, but I know if I had plans my mom would say "If you want Christmas you better change plans!" She'll grow up and all of her siblings will have a close bond with her, because of the opportunities you're given her to babysit, lucky her! I will be giving Grant the same opportunity soon! Rachel