Christmas Day

Macy woke me up @ 4:30, so her and I
sat in the dark with just the lights on the tree.
I just sat and thought about the year I've had, and
snuggled with her. I can't believe last Christmas I
was barfing because of her. I really enjoyed that special
quiet time with her before the chaos of the day began!

Santa brought Chloe a shower radio,
we are all so excited, because now she won't drag in our huge
radio and leave it in there like she always does!

Andy was completely surprised with his BB Gun,
and he LOVES it!!!

Buffy was so excited that Santa brought her
an Ipod shuffle. What a lucky girl!

This is Cooper as he notices the Guitar Hero
World Tour set up in the Office.

The goods after all was said & done.
Jon got me my Panini grill, and we have had Paninis 3 times
since Christmas day!

Buffy's new boots from Grandma!

The boys wrestling with Uncle Johnny

The girls in their new Twilight shirts!

Playing with Flarp at Aunt Jo-Jo's

After we went to my mom's in the morning, we came home and I was able to take a nap which was soooo nice. Then we headed up to Jo-Jo's mountain. We had a great time there, and yummy food, topped off with cream puffs and our own bag of Biscotti to take home. That was great! I was so worried my kids would be disappointed because Christmas was pretty tight this year, as I am sure it was for many families. Luckily they didn't seem to mind at all. I am so glad their grandmas and aunt were so generous, I think it really helped a lot!

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Sheri said...

We didn't get our kids much for Christmas either, but it was one of our best. Xander got a bb gun too :)