Weekly Photo

We also have a hard time if we are around my family. You know how there are always family photos with someone's best friend, so we got Jon's best friend in this shot, just so he would feel welcome!

People constantly ask me how I always manage to get great group shots of my family, and I try to explain that for every great picture, there are about 25 not so great pictures. Hence the reason I take my camera everywhere, and take pictures of everything. This is one of many not so great pictures. Almost identical to this, me trying to scare someone into smiling, Jon disciplining, Cooper being goofy, and Andy usually is too, I can't believe he is smiling normally for once, Chloe with the lip gloss is all new thanks to her being almost 12. So I thought you would all get a kick out of it for our photo this week! This was on Thanksgiving in my mom's backyard.

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