Things I love...

about being a mom...

I get to say things like:

Cooper, pull your pants up, and

Take that off your sister's head, and

I'm gonna count to three, etc...

I get unlimited amounts of snuggle time.

I have little hands that are always wanting to help me.

I have sweet little voices that are always telling me funny things.

I get to tuck my babes in tight at night.

I have 5 children who would love for me to sing them to sleep every night.

We have Pushing Daisies night while dad is at mutual.

I get to see there minds at work.

I observe their desire to do what is right.

(Photo by Ashley, of Sunshine & Shade)

But mostly I get to feel immense pride in my ability to produce such beautiful, kind, perfect human beings. I did this, 5 times. I am constantly amazed with myself.


Mimi said...

Great post! Your kids are great! I love them too!

By the way I LOVE the new banner, what a great picture! Looks like pure bliss!

Sheri said...

I loved that post! I love the picture too!

Andrea said...

I guess there are a few *perks* being a Mom! LOL Great post! And you should definitely be commended for producing such beautiful children!!!