Reason to be HAPPY!

It only cost me $54.19 to fill my car up today. I was giddy with excitement!!!


Sheri said...

When I saw gas at $1.99 yesterday I screamed - with joy. And then Evan started to cry. I guess I scared him.

Amy said...

It's amazing what makes us get all happy and giddy! I saw 1.97 yesterday. When I filled up for less than $35 it hit me. Now I can afford to splurge on ice cream sundaes at McDonalds!

BTW - I love your new picture - Buffy cracks me up!

Andrea said...

Holy Canoli! I know!!! Gas is under $2. Never thought I'd be happy to say that?! I still think of when I pulled out pocket change to buy my $1 of gas to get me thru the week in high school. hahahaha