Happy Birthday

Coopah the Hut

I don't want this kid to turn 5. Looking at these pictures makes me miss him. It also makes me wish I had never cut his hair, man I miss that hair! (I can't believe all the pictures, and I wanted to post a billion more of him!)

5 Things I love about Coop:

He had the greatest laugh in the world, I can't get enough of it!

He can make me happy, always. He brings me pure joy, and I absolutely adore him!

He is kind, and truly cares about other's feelings.

He loves to help, as long as it is something he wants to do.

He is great at making deals, I think he is going to be a negotiator someday!


kayleen said...

that picture of him in the swing is perfect.

Sheri said...

I love the "Coopah the Hut" picture.

Erika said...

Ha ha ha--great pictures!!! That kid just came with some major personality, didn't he?!