Better late than never...

The girls anxiously awaiting the start of "Twilight." Friday night we had a girl's night out. Me, my mom, Chloe, Bella, Buffy and Cami. We headed to Az Center for dinner at Mi Amigo's, then went int o see the movie. Cami had already seen it, so she sat by Buffy to warn her when there were scary parts. Mom moved to sit by Bella after a terrifying trailer for some Exorcism horror movie. The movie was great, we all had a good time.

Saturday night was Jon's office party (don't we look like we are posed for a homecoming picture, you can totally I worked for Duke for a billion years!). We were in charge of the game this year, so we spent the day shopping for giftcards, and presents. We were positive we were going to end up with the singing Snowman, or the kids play shaving set. Somehow we got lucky, and no one picked the gift with the Ipod Shuffle in it, so I am so stoked, because that is exactly what my middle child red head wants. Yahoo, one less thing I have to buy!

Jon took yesterday off, and took Chloe & Andy to my uncle's dental office in Eloy. Can I just say how much I love my uncle, he totally rocks! The dentist I took Andy to last week told us everything he wanted to do, and it was to a tune of about $1500. I almost died on the spot. My uncle did it yesterday for $130. He just gave us Christmas back. Andy had to have 2 teeth pulled, but he is a trooper.

I got my tree up and decorated yesterday, and most of my mantle done. Still have a ton more to do, but so happy to have a head start. I am loving the weather today, and so thankful to have my washer & dryer in the house. I hated trudging through the muddy backyard to switch laundry.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so excited to see my family. I love having a day to think about all I am thankful for. Hopefully I will be back on again, but who knows what this weekend will bring!

Oh I totally forgot, Chloe woke up, came into the room and announced "One week from today I will be at my first mutual." Can you tell she is excited about turning 12 on Monday?

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Karen said...

I'm thankful for friends like you!