Weekend Update

We always go to the fair on opening day, we are insane, but it is only a $1 to get in, and when you have 5 kids, you have to do it cheap. We always park at Jimmy's house, and then walk the rest of the way. For some reason my foot has really been bothering me, so Macy and I kept a slower pace. You can see how far ahead everyone else was, and Andy felt bad so he started walking back to keep me company. What a sweetie!

The kids being goofballs.

This was the 1st ride they went on,
Cooper was terrified. I am glad he
decided to keep trying other rides!

Saturday night we had Andy's b-day party at a park. It was FREEZING. The kids didn't seem to mind, but I was frozen!

I talked Andy into a Krispy Kreme cake, so
I didn't have to make one. It was
one of the easiest parties ever!!!

Isn't she beautiful???

At about the 10th second, Coop runs into the wall. It is so funny. I love this kid!!!


Ashley said...

Isn't it hysterical when they run into the wall? There's a mirror maze here in Dallas and when we took the kids we just couldn't get Caden to remember to walk with his hands out in front of him. We laughed so hard! Good therapy. Looks like you're doing well. You sure look fantastic!

PassTheChips said...

Hey Coop, how's the nose?

Sheri said...

We used to go to the fair all the time when we were kids. I have yet to take my kids. It looks like fun!