Thus far...

Today is school picture day. I began dreading it last night at about 8:30.

Remember, their ride picks them up @ 7:45.

We woke up at 6:25, Andy was up and picking out his clothes. He was dead set on wearing church clothes. I finally talked him out of making me steam his clothes, and just wear something else.

6:30 - Cooper wakes up shortly after, his nose is stuffy, and his throat hurts. He makes a beeline for the couch and tv.

6:40 - Buffy gets up and sits like a zombie on the sofa. I ask her to go spray and brush her hair so it will be dry on time for me to curl it. No response.

Jon is getting ready to leave, I ask him to go wake Chloe up because she needs to get in the shower. She comes in fully dressed already, I remind her she needs a shower so her hair will look nice. She throws a tantrum, but still showers.

Cooper is in the kitchen eating powdered donuts, Jon yells goodbye and shuts the door. Cooper comes running into the front room with the donuts, I ask him to eat in the kitchen and he freaks out. He was running to say goodbye to Jon, not to eat. He misses his chance to say goodbye to Jon, tears ensue for about 15 minutes.

7:00 - Chloe is done with the shower, I ask Cooper to go in and brush his teeth/wash his face. I am in the kitchen eating, and I hear the fighting begin. Andy & Cooper come running into the kitchen screaming. Crisis averted, we move on to the next.

7:15 - Cooper is freaking out that he doesn't get to pick out his clothes, Andy is doing his hair, Buffy is waking Macy up (not something I wanted), Chloe is blow drying her hair.

7:20 - I ask Andy to come in with a brush so I can help him with his hair. He says he put some hairspray in it, I don't really think anything of it. Andy is done.

7:30 - Cooper is dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, face washed, hair done. It's a miracle!!!

7:35 - I go in to finish curling Chloe's hair, and then curl Buffy's hair. Andy & Cooper are getting the Alien creator out in the kitchen. I try to stop them, but really don't have the energy. Macy is crying in the living room. I am entering panic mode as I recognize what time it is...

7:40 - I make the rounds to make sure everyone is presentable, something is seriously wrong with Andy's hair. I walk over, and can't even put my fingers through it. Apparently Chloe decided to help with the hairspray, she didn't want to be embarrassed on picture day. I rush Andy to the bathroom sink, and handwash his hair. I finish brushing right as mom is honking.

I can't wait to see the pictures, I swear if they all smile cheesy smiles, I will kill them!!!

By the way, school photos cost me $72, for the smallest packages for all of them. It is dang expensive having so many kids...


Sheri said...

The year I had Evan i totally forgot picture day. Both boys pictures were horrible - they were in old t-shirts and their hair was sticking up. I am soo impressed with you!

Ashley said...

How's this? I refuse to even buy school pictures! I bought them in Missouri, but they are too expensive here in Texas, so I'll go to Sears or Penneys instead. Hazaah to you, though, for getting them all ready. 6:45 and I don't get along very well...(see my blog)