More happiness through a lens...

This picture almost made me cry. Not because it is beautiful,
or the most fantastic picture ever, but because I will
forever be able to remember Macy's baby chick fuzzy hair.
I love her hair, none of my kids had hair, and her's is
so soft and sweet. I am so thankful for this picture.
(I love the color in it also!)

I am thankful that Ashley is still my friend, even after
my kids behaved like the photo above throughout the
whole 1 1/2 hours we were there. Mainly Cooper,
I was ready to hang him by his toes!!! She posted a few more
pics here, all this teasing is killing me!


Mimi said...

These seriously turned out so beautiful!!!! Love the family pic and the ones of you and Mace are to die for!

molly said...

WOW! These are so beautiful!

Andrea said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love Macy's sweet fuzzy red hair too! Your hair looks fantastic too! Gotta luv those baby hormones!!

Ok my kiddos behave almost the same when it's time for family pictures! The NUMBER ONE reason why Ben really despises doing family pics! Having to deal with the rowdy munchkins! Have to say that your fun family pic looks CUTE!