~I am~

Yesterday my lesson was on knowing your personal, individual worth. As usual I gave my lesson, feeling like I am talking to a brick wall. A few girls, one especially, interacts a lot. The others, not so much. It is hard for me, becuase it makes me wonder if I am getting to them at all.

At the end of the lesson, I asked each of them (well I bribed them with homemade goodies next Sunday) to tell me something about themselves, that makes them special.

It was amazing how hard it was for all of them to tell me something, it was hard for me to think of something. Eventually they all did, with a little coaxing, but at least it happened. I really pray that they think about it, and realize how important each one of them are.

Recently I have been feeling not so important. I wouldn't say worthless, but I have had a hard time remembering that my Heavenly Father knows me personally, and knows what I am going through. On the Saturday morning session of conference, I had moved into my bedroom towards the end. I was snuggling with Macy, and worrying about her, and her problems. I was feeling very alone. President Uchtdorf came on, and started his talk on Hope. Instantly I knew why I had moved in to a room where it was quieter, and I knew that I was meant to hear his words. I knew Heavenly Father was with me, and even though I felt alone, I knew I wasn't. I was so thankful for that moment.

I am important, I am special. I have special things about me that make me important to a lot of people. I have to remember that. I also hope all of you know that you are important to, it may not seem like it. I'm not curing cancer, or saving starving children, but I am doing the best I can, for the people that need me. I think that's pretty good!


Ashley said...

Love this post! We all need to remember how important we are.
Hey, I clicked on "follow this blog" on my blog and it let me right on. You'll notice I'm following my own blog now. I guess try again, I don't know. Thanks for being interested!!

Sheri said...

I think it's so easy to feel discouraged and under appreciated - especially being a mother!

Amy said...

You are important - if it weren't for you, there would not be a Buffy. If there was not a sweet little Buffy, then Amanda would never have had her as a friend. And that would truly be sad. Buffy would not be who she is without such a great mom (and dad).

Angela Talbot said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and especially this post. I struggle everyday wondering if I'm doing the right thing - working full time, trying to be a good wife, trying to be a good mother, trying to be a good employee, etc. I'm glad I found you! Thanks, Angela