I did get most of Halloween up.
Buffy wanted to show a picture of it.

What's the best way to
make up to your mom for being rotten?
Finally smiling, this is making
our relationship much better!
Is she the cutest thing ever???
(I have no idea why they are
blurry, sorry!)

P.S. I also got like 6 loads of laundry done yesterday,
and I watched Project Runway,
and I DIDN"T go to McDonald's,
but I also went to the Grocery store,
and my kids DID get out of their jammies.
I think I did pretty good!


Anonymous said...

I love these pic's. Macy you are awesome.

Uncle John

Kristy said...

I knew you would like them, I wonder how many page hits I will get from you today!

Sheri said...

She is such a cutie!

Amy said...

She's such a cutie! And she sooo looks like Buffy!

I think you did VERY good! I don't think I've ever done 6 loads of laundry AND grocery shop in one day! You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

well so far i've been here 8 times.

Mimi said...

So cute! I love the smiles. and congrats on the good day yesterday. I'm trying to make today better then yesterday. see you tonight!