My cup runneth over...

I can't count how many times in my life, when I would notice my dad standing back out f the family chaos, with a complete look of joy on his face, sometimes a tear in his eye, and he would say how his cup runneth over.

I understood what he meant, but I never got it. Not until last night. We were having scripture time, and I sat and looked over my family, which feels so complete right now with sweet little Mason here. I knew how he felt at that moment. My cup runneth over.

I am blessed beyond belief. I have a home, it may not be the nicest home, or big enough for our family, but I've got a home, that is mine. I have a friend who has recently lost their home due to these bad times, how thankful I am that even though things are hard, they aren't that hard for us.

I have 5 beautiful, healthy children. They may be loud, and crazy, and whiny, and at times disobedient, but they are also amazing. They each have such amazing talents and gifts, and each of them bring so much joy to my life. I couldn't imagine life without a one of them.

I have a fantastic husband, someone who loves me for me, and that is a hard thing to do. He has always supported me and my decisions (whether they be bad or good). He is always there for me and my children, and he really does all he can to make me happy. What did I do to deserve that???

My family is amazing, I have a mom who I can count on for anything. She loves me and my family unconditionally. My brothers and sisters are the best there are. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of them are the best!

So today, as I am starting my day, with a few worries about Mason, and the constant worries and concerns over having children in this day and age, I really want to stop and count my blessings. No matter how bad it gets, all that matters is that I have them all.

My cup truly runneth over...


Sheri said...

Thanks for this post. Sometimes I need to be reminded of all my blessings.

liz said...

I love this post. I love those moments of safety and peace and comfort after having a baby- I felt it after each so much more deeply as my hormones adjusted and my body began to heal from its miracle. Just that big sigh of relief that the nightmare possibilities didn't happen and there is so much awesome in my life.

Anyway- might be off track entirely, but I think I get a little of what you were saying.

Worries about Mason? Is she okay?!?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the morning cry because you are so right!