Morning Glory

The girls before church

She only smiles in her sleep,
and of course my camera didn't focus well.

She loves the bath

She is so serious,
that is probably why she reminds me so much of Jon!

This morning Macy didn't wake up until 4:45. We sat in the front room, as light slowly started creeping in. I adore that girl, I could stare at her forever. She fell back asleep and I crawled into bed for a little more quiet time before the morning rush. Jon and I enjoyed each other's company, before he had to hop in the shower. Cooper was asleep on the ground next to my bed, he woke up, and crawled in next to me for some snuggle time. I could snuggle with him like that forever. I told him that, to which he replied "You can't or you will go to jail because I have to go to school."

The kids have a fieldtrip today, it's Cooper's 1st fieldtrip that I am not going on. I can tell he is sad, and I am worried about him. They are walking to the Symphony, and I just worry about him having to go potty, or getting bored, or getting hungry. Dumb little things, but not knowing who is chaperone is, I don't know if they will pay attention enough to see the little things. These are the moments that kill me as a mother of 5. I know there is no possible way I can be there for all of them, all the time, but I really struggle with that. I am sad, that he is sad I won't be there. It won't be long before he doesn't want me to go.

Macy has a doctor's appointment this morning. We should be able to find out some more details with some of her problems. I am praying for a good outcome, and I will keep you all posted. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the last few days.


Mimi said...

Love all the pics!!! And don't worry, coop will be fine! He's a tough kid!

Sheri said...

Mason is such a beautiful baby. I love the picture of her and her sister.

I have the same worries when my kids go on field trips without me. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't worry :)

Laurie M. said...

Mason is DARLING!! I love all the pictures.