Late Night Blessings

Last night we had a mini reunion with Jon's family at a park out on Chandler. We were torn about going, only because Chloe and Buffy have been wheezing and coughing, Andy and Cooper still have colds, and all of their allergies are bad right now. Then I started thinking about having to hang out at our house all night, with nothing to do, we had been cooped up all day long, and I knew the kids were going to go crazy, so we went. I was so glad we did. The kids had a great time seeing their cousins, and we had a great time showing off the babe, and visiting with his cousins and aunts & uncles.

By 6:30 Andy was trying to fall asleep on a blanket. We finally left around 7:30. Andy had said he was feeling yucky, like he had the stomach flu. On the way home we atopped at McDonalds for ice cream cones and water, we woke Andy up and I asked him how he felt. He said just a little bad, "1% yucky, 99% fine." I love it when he uses percents to tell me his feelings!

We got home and everyone had breathing treatments and went straight to bed. Then Jon and I focused on Macy. She is having some problems still, and I was really worried about her last night. So we called Jimmy so he could come over and give her a blessing with Jon. He showed up about 10 minutes later, and was in his shirt and tie. I loved that, I said something and he said of course I dressed up, it's for little Macy.

As I sat there in the chair, snuggling her while they blessed her, I had to choke back the tears. She just sat there and stared at me eyes, sucking on her bink. She was so calm, it was as if she knew how important that blessing was. Then she focused on something behind me, we always say they are looking at angels when they do that, but last night I actually felt my dad there at that moment. I was so thankful to have my brother close by that we could call on, and that he and Jon get along so well. After the blessing, Jimmy hung out for a while and held and loved Macy. He kissed her, and told her she smelt good, like her mommy. That made me feel good.

I'm not sure if it was a fluke, or the blessing, but she had a great night last night. I put her to bad at about 11:00, and she didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. On top of that, she has been happy today. Of course, she emptied her bowels last night, so that probably has a lot to do with it!

Today we are going to try to tackle church. Wish us luck!


Tammy said...

Hope church went well. Sorry the little one isn't feeling well. She is awfully cute though.

liz said...

aw that was such a tender post i loved it.

I think baby blessing moments feel so much more tender sometimes than other blessings, I think it's cos they are so fresh from heaven. Evan had some moments like that too when I felt them immediately answered and comforted. It's so easy to forget them later so nice job writing about it.

Erika said...

What a nice experience. So grateful for blessings!

Mimi said...

So sweet, I'm glad Jimmy is close also. Glad she slept well for you!