Barely here

So real life has started for me today. It's just me and her, and me trying to accomplish everything in my daily routine. I am happy to say I have showered (no make-up yet though, hence the not so gorgeous picture above) , so that is very good. Besides that, well I have all day to try to get things done, right?!? Jimmy is kindly doing the boys pick-up this week, so I only have to worry about the older kids later. My mom took them this morning, so that also helped a lot!

She has slept 5 hours straight, 3 nights in a row now. Of course when she wakes up, she is up for at least an hour before going back down, but still that isn't too bad!

I just wanted to give a little update, hopefully things will get rolling again soon, and I won't be so absent from the WWW.

She is screaming, so I've got to go!


Amy said...

You two look great! Mason is such a cutie!

onehm said...

YAY for sleeping babies!!
;) You BOTH look GREAT!

When are we taking pictures?

holdoug said...

We missed you yesterday, but we were glad Jon and the kids could come. Hope you enjoyed the semi-quiet with them gone for a while. I didn't make anything yummy to send home. Took it easy this year. I'll have to send something to work with Doug for Jon to bring home. I'm glad you got a shower in. Some days that is the only thing you can hope for and feel accomplished when you do it! That's ok, those days last too long sometimes...but really not long enough.

Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

So cute, I have a gift for her! Let me know when I can drop it by!

liz said...

awwwwwwwwwwww hi little cutie!!!!! i can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!

love the update- you have a superstar daughter for giving the gift of sleep so soon- even if only 5 hrs that's awesome. I got that from evan and it stuck for a long long time. i will always thank him for those nights for his entire life.

Laurie M. said...

Cute picture! Congrats on getting a shower- that is a major accomplishment with a new baby!