First Day

Ok, this baby can officially come now. I wanted to get to Cooper's 1st day, and I made it. I had a few doubts this weekend with some major contraction action, but it all slowed down. So we made it to school today. I made his favorite lunch, Tuna with water chestnuts on multi grain, watermelon, gogurt, and fruit snacks. He was so excited to use his new lunchbox. No tears, oh happy day! I just picked him up, and all he and Joey could say was how nice their teacher was. Hallelulia!!!

Now about Cinq, we went in for an ultrasound for her weight and size. She is already measuring in at 8 pounds 14 ounces, now that can be off 2 ounces or so either way. Holy Moly, Cooper was 9"6, do you think I might have a ten pounder???

I did have a little fun, after my appointment I headed out for a pedicure, walked around Old Navy, got a Takeout salad from Applebee's. I figure I should live it up for a few days, because I will not be alone for long.


Sheri said...

That is one handsome boy :) I can't wait to see what your new little red head looks like :)

Sheri said...
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Mimi said...

Those pics are great! Good luck little coop!

Laurie M. said...

He is so cute! Hope Cinq comes soon.