Fantasy Friday

Not so much a fantasy, as a thankful that I am living in someone else's fantasy. I don't even know if that makes sense, but I'll explain.

I am so, so, so, so, super glad that I live now in modern times. I would never have made it as a pioneer, or even just someone in the olden days, or Wild West... Wednesday night our A/C went on the fritz again, we were able to keep it at about 80 degrees, which wasn't completely miserable, mainly because I had all my fans. Yesterday morning the A/C guy was out, and we were super blessed because he was able to pinpoint the problem that he hasn't been able to find the last 3 times. On top of all that, the piece that is broken is under warranty. Hurray!!! That led to a nice impromptu FHE after scriptures last night, and we were pointing out the fact that all of the kids had paid tithing this week, and we have been really good about scriptures and prayers, and now we were seeing some of the blessings...

Anyhow, back to my fantasy. Last night we had a mega storm roll through. We were without power for about 45 minutes, luckily everyone was asleep except Buffy, so I didn't have to deal with freaked out kids. But it was miserable, I got so hot I wanted to die. I was terrified that it would be out all night. Man was I praying hard for it to come back on. It finally did, Buffy went to sleep, I cooled off, and everything worked out fine. It really made me thankful for all we have right now. I don't know what I would do without electricity, indoor plumbing, A/C, my car, the internet, etc... I was made for this time, it suits me.

I am sure way back when, there was some lady dreaming of a better life, of running water, of A/C, of gas stoves... I am so glad to be living her fantasy right now!

P.S. I think the table might have done it, it feels like she is head down... Only time will tell I guess!


Sheri said...


Laurie M. said...

I am with you! I love modern conveniences! I love that you pointed out to your kids that the a/c repair was a blessing from being obedient. Wonderful!

Andrea said...

Oh I am SO a modern convenience woman!!! Could NOT have lived as a pioneer or anything older than that! YAY for tithing blessings!! We NEED our a/c too! and all the other modern technologies that keep my house cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

Hope baby's head down now!

ducklips said...

My electricity went out in that same storm here in Chandler and I was thinking the same things you are. The difference, I'm not pregnant. Way to tough it out. I like your point of view with the whole ordeal.

Hooray for upside down babies. Hope yours is doing great.