She's here!!!

Don't I look fabulous?

She's tanorexic...

Do you think he is excited???

Her chubbiness...

I don't think she would be smiling
if she knew what she was headed home to...

So it finally happened. Saturday I went in at about 4:15, and I wasn't in labor, but my doctor told me to go anyways. It was a panicky situation, but they didn't send me home. We were up in a room by 7:45 that night. They gelled me twice, it kicked me into labor. By 1:30 I was needing drugs. I got the epidural, things slowed down. At about 4 they started potocin, they woke me up at 6:30 and it was time. I was done by about 7:15 Sunday morning.

She is such a good baby. We had to stay int he hospital because she had jaundice. Yesterday was a very hard day for me, she had to sit in that little tanning bed, with her eyes covered for 24 hours. I could only pull her out for 15 - 20 minutes every 3 - 4 hours. I am so glad that is over!

We got home tonite around 6:30 or so. The kids were giddy with excitement. I am pooped, and I am hurting more than I should be. So here's to hoping for a speedier recovery.

I should get back into the groove of things soon, but I just had to update everyone. Sorry it took so long!

P.S. 9 pounds 6.3 ounces, 20 1/2 inches Quite the girl...
And she looks exactly like Cooper did, exactly!!!



(Do I look ready?)

Sorry I have been so bad about blogging this week. It has been a crazy one.

Today looks like it could quite possibly be the day. I heard from my moron doctor on Tuesday evening, and it sounded like he said he didn't want me to go past Friday since apparently I have Jabba the hut residing in me...
So my appointment is at ten, and I think I am ready.

Do you ever feel like you are pushing your luck? I have four beautiful, relatively healthy, amazing, most of the time pretty good, children. Was I tempting the Gods by trying again? My deliveries have been long, and as hard as can be expected, but nothing serious has ever happened. Is this the time? I am filled with anxiety. Jon is getting sick of me, of my worrying. Then the other night he comes in and finds me watching a show about Proteus Syndrome. He was not very happy to say the least. I am panicky about the epidural, no way in hell I can do it without one, but I absolutely panic during the procedure. It hurts so bad. The only one that didn't hurt was Chloe's, and that was because they had given me 2 shots of Demerol before hand, needless to say I was quite happy afterwards...

I have never been so worried, can I do this all over again? Can I handle the nights, the ear infections, the crying, the inability to communicate through words? I am praying Heavenly Father will stay with me, and give me the strength I need. I know once I have that sweet, not-so-little girl in my arms, it will all be alright, but until then I am a mess.

I will keep you all updated once I know if something is really going to happen today. I may have 5 red heads by the end of the night.

So to quote one of my favorite TV characters: HOLY CRAP!!!



As many of you bloggers out there have already heard, Stephanie of NieNie fame, and her husband were in a plane crash Saturday night.

I know there are so many of you out there who enjoy reading her blog. Her daily peek into her wonderful life, I think made us all try to be a little bit better. I had the privilege of actually meeting her, and getting to know her a little through e-mails, and I can honestly say she is just as fabulous as she seems on her blog. I was so amazed at her sincerity, and kindness.

My heart is aching for her and her family. I have been sick about it since I have heard the news, so I can only imagine what a blow this is to her friends and family, but I am happy to know that they have the Gospel in their lives, and I know that the Lord will be there to bless them and comfort them.She and her family will be in my prayers, and I hope all of you will do the same. Let's pray for a speedy recovery, and for comfort to her sweet children in this time of need.

For more updates, you can check her sister's blog.

First Day

Ok, this baby can officially come now. I wanted to get to Cooper's 1st day, and I made it. I had a few doubts this weekend with some major contraction action, but it all slowed down. So we made it to school today. I made his favorite lunch, Tuna with water chestnuts on multi grain, watermelon, gogurt, and fruit snacks. He was so excited to use his new lunchbox. No tears, oh happy day! I just picked him up, and all he and Joey could say was how nice their teacher was. Hallelulia!!!

Now about Cinq, we went in for an ultrasound for her weight and size. She is already measuring in at 8 pounds 14 ounces, now that can be off 2 ounces or so either way. Holy Moly, Cooper was 9"6, do you think I might have a ten pounder???

I did have a little fun, after my appointment I headed out for a pedicure, walked around Old Navy, got a Takeout salad from Applebee's. I figure I should live it up for a few days, because I will not be alone for long.


Olympic Crush

Forget Michael Phelps,
Aaron Piersol is a doll.
I have a major Olympic crush,
like gold medal crush!!!

P.S. You will all be happy to know that she is a confirmed head down. Hurray for ultrasounds. Also I am already 2 centimeters... Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Fantasy Friday

So I thought I would put a wish list for my Fantasy. They are things I definitely don't need, but they are super darling, so I can dream about having them, right?!?

Love these!!!
Found here

Absolutely adorable!
Found here

Another set, too cute to be passed up!
Found here

You all know my obsession with owls.
Found here

I adore anything with Amy Butler material.
Found here

Cute car seat cover I want.
Find it here
This is for someone that really wants to make me happy.
If you're interested, I'll e-mail you the info...


Lunatic Mommy on Board

So today I decided I would try heading out to the mall. I had a gift card for Macy's, and was hoping to find something cute for this weekend (birthday dinner with my siblings, and I am sick of my clothes). So I get myself ready, which is a miracle in itself, then Cooper actually cooperates and gets ready (sans brushing his teeth, sorry Uncle Kirk). So we head off.

We get to Macy's, and by the time I have walked through the parking lot I have already stopped twice. Cooper patiently waits my hand while I have a ~contraption~ as he would say. We get through Macy's, and head over to Lane Bryant, hoping to find a bra. While in there Cooper declares he needs to use the restroom. The restroom is on the other side of the mall, in the Food Court, so I beg him to hold it until we get there. After no luck in Lane Bryant, we stop into the Game store for Cooper to look and dream about all the XBOX games he wants.

We head to the food court, and Cooper hasn't mentioned the bathroom, so I decide not to say anything until Jon gets there (he is being a good husband and meeting us for lunch). We eat, and enjoy ourselves, in the meantime I am trying to figure out how in the world I am ever going to make it back to my car. I ask Jon to take Coop to the restroom, and it is closed. I was a little disappointed, but I figure we can hit the one in Macy's on our way out.

We say goodbye to Jon, and Cooper and I slowly start our trek back to Macy's. I assume the restroom is on the top floor, like all other Macy's in the housewares department. I am in some serious pain by now, and having lots of contractions. We make it all the way back, and I can't find the restroom, so I ask someone when I finally find a person who works there. THey tell me it is all the way up front by the Juniors department.

Here is where I go lunatic...

I turn, and start to cry uncontrollably. I am so glad the worker was already gone, and that there was no one around, but it was just too much. I seriously could not imagine walking another step. After a few moments, I calmed down, and sweet little Cooper tells me he really doesn't have to go that bad. I jump on that chance, even if it means I may have to clean up a mess later. We slowly get back to the car and head home.

I am assuming this means my time is coming, I mean seriously, I was sobbing in a department store. I am a total NERD!!! On top of all that, all the contractions have stopped, and my back hurts so bad I want to die. Then stupid me, I decide to go to Target with my mom. Honestly, even if my water had broke, I wouldn't pass up a trip to Target with my mom. Not that I got a billion things, but I did get a broom, and a few baby items that were much needed, and so that is making this pain worth it right now!



I adore this picture!!!

What a sweetheart...

If I had planned ahead, the girls would
not have had their nails painted those colors!

I love how our hair is all the exact color in this shot.

So today the kids had a half day, and I decided to take advantage of it and head over to Ashley's house for a photo op. She set up in her garage, and honestly I don't know how you can't see the sweat that was running down me in these photos, but you can't. These are just a few, she was nice enough to send them on to me, when she gets the others I'll post them. Hope they don't gross anyone out, I played around a little with Iphoto, and the retouch tool, so it is not too bad hopefully!

Here is a link for a few others.



Cinq is head down. I was pretty sure, and I had an appointment yesterday and they pretty much confirmed. I have a real appointment on Friday, and I know he will take a peek with the ultrasound, so let's pray she is not a gymnast like Buffy was, and decides it would be fun to keep doing flips every week. Maybe I shouldn't watch so much of the gymnastics on TV right now.

It's getting closer, I am so ready for it, but I am so not ready for it. I am ready for the whole baby in my arms, nursing, changing diapers, getting back into the swing of things, trying to make life with 5 the norm... I am not ready because I still don't have a bag packed, her car seat is not clean, her cradle is filled with laundry, I am not looking forward to recovery, I am still pretty nervous that something else might go wrong, my house isn't clean enough to call my mom over in the middle of the night if I need to...

So much to do.

I think we have decided on the name, 98% sure... Jon has agreed, I am just not sure if it is exactly what I want. We'll see soon I guess!


Fantasy Friday

Not so much a fantasy, as a thankful that I am living in someone else's fantasy. I don't even know if that makes sense, but I'll explain.

I am so, so, so, so, super glad that I live now in modern times. I would never have made it as a pioneer, or even just someone in the olden days, or Wild West... Wednesday night our A/C went on the fritz again, we were able to keep it at about 80 degrees, which wasn't completely miserable, mainly because I had all my fans. Yesterday morning the A/C guy was out, and we were super blessed because he was able to pinpoint the problem that he hasn't been able to find the last 3 times. On top of all that, the piece that is broken is under warranty. Hurray!!! That led to a nice impromptu FHE after scriptures last night, and we were pointing out the fact that all of the kids had paid tithing this week, and we have been really good about scriptures and prayers, and now we were seeing some of the blessings...

Anyhow, back to my fantasy. Last night we had a mega storm roll through. We were without power for about 45 minutes, luckily everyone was asleep except Buffy, so I didn't have to deal with freaked out kids. But it was miserable, I got so hot I wanted to die. I was terrified that it would be out all night. Man was I praying hard for it to come back on. It finally did, Buffy went to sleep, I cooled off, and everything worked out fine. It really made me thankful for all we have right now. I don't know what I would do without electricity, indoor plumbing, A/C, my car, the internet, etc... I was made for this time, it suits me.

I am sure way back when, there was some lady dreaming of a better life, of running water, of A/C, of gas stoves... I am so glad to be living her fantasy right now!

P.S. I think the table might have done it, it feels like she is head down... Only time will tell I guess!


Sideways Cinq

Some of you know, some of you don't. Cinq is sideways. Not a favorable birthing position, and I am panicking because I really don't want a c-section. I just don't see that working well with my recovery expectations and my crazy busy life! So I have been doing lots of research on things I can do to maybe get her to move.

First one, lay on the ground, with a stack of pillows under your rear, legs up in the air. I almost suffocated. That position made my assets fall to my neck and choke me. Plus I couldn't get out of the position myself, I am so lucky I decided to try it when Jon was home, or I can only imagine the headlines...

"Eight month pregnant mother, mysteriously suffocates while upside down, by her own appendages (her children were oblivious, and playing Xbox, computer, busy reading new Breaking Dawn book, and watching Disney Channel)... More at 10:00"

The next one is to get on all fours, and slowly rock back and forth. I did this for a while. Unfortunately I have really bad knees, they were bad before I was a dancer and cheerleader, so now they are really shot. Once again, I could not get up from that position either, and my belly touches the ground if I am not up high enough. That was bad...

My friend Karen told me that her friend did the upside thing, but also put a frozen bag of peas on the baby's head. He moved in 20 minutes. I am leery of being upside down again, so I at least tried with a frozen bag of mixed vegetables, I hope it doesn't have to be peas exactly...

My brother-in-law is bringing his inversion table to work today, so it will be a little easier to do the upside thing.

Karen also suggested a chiropractor, apparently they do some kind of technique, so Cami made me an appointment with her miracle laser voodoo chiropractor on Friday. I hope it works...

Kym suggested acupuncture, anyone know anyone??? Or should I just go get some needles and try it myself?

Needless to say, she has been moving a lot, I just don't know if it is into starting position. So then I am worried that maybe she is already there, and then what if I try something and she flips back over... I have never been so paranoid about a baby before. You'd think this was my 1st kid!

I am praying that since this has been my hardest pregnancy ever, that she will be my best baby ever. What do you think the odds are of that???

What do you think of these names?

JEZEBEL: The EVIL wife of King Ahab

LILLUTH: Assyrian myth name of a demon

PANDORA: First mortal woman whose curiosity unleashed evil into the world

Name that movie moment: "I knew a Pandora once, never got to see her box."


Weekend Review

So Friday night I finally decided that I would take Chloe to a release party or Breaking Dawn. I was so tired, but I knew she was super excited, and I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do together. We met my friends Audrey, Camille and Joccelyn there. Chloe was super jealous of their tees. They won the costume contest, and Audrey was so sweet to give Chloe the t-shirt she won. Thanks girls for letting us tag along, and for being so cool with to Chloe. She loved hanging out with you all!

Saturday morning I went to a funeral, and then I was invited to go to see Mamma Mia with a blogger friend Sheri (Tiffani, you are a punk for not showing up). So I headed out to BFE, (Gilbert & Germann) to see the movie. It was so fun, but it was like 800 degrees in the theater. I wanted to die!!! Afterwards I headed over to Liz's new house which was just down the street, and was so excited to be able to visit in person with her. I am so happy her and Mike are local now, we are so going to hang out a lot!!! I got home, and we decided to go get dinner with our kids and Amy & CW. It was a fun night, the kids were surprisingly good at dinner. The car ride home was a little noisy, and I am sure Amy & CW will wait a little longer to have children because of it.

Sunday we moved to a new church building because ours is being renovated. Church doesn't start til 1:00 now, and I actually liked it. Afterwards we went to dinner at my mom's, and all my siblings were there. It was great being with everyone. We broke our fast with a yummy roast and mashed potatoes dinner, and my favorite part was the chocolate chip cookies. All in all a great weekend.

The older 3 kids headed back to school today, so it is just Cooper and mom time. I am happy to have 2 weeks with him, I think it will make the transition when baby comes a lot better. He and I are off to run errands now, and get Tuna sandwiches for lunch. I love that he loves tuna. I wish my other kids would wisen up and eat it too!!!

P.S. Thanks to all who fasted for me yesterday, I will let you know how it goes as soon as I know. She was moving a lot last night, let's just hope it was in the right direction!!!


Overheard so far...

From the mouth of Andy:

"Mom, you need a How to be nice to your kids book for dummies."

I should have killed him, but I didn't. He went to his room for a while, and is grounded from the Xbox til dad gets home. I still think it's funny though, so I had to post it so you could all feel good that apparently you are the meanest mom in the world!

Fantasy Friday

He is one of my all time Fantasy boyfriends. I love him, and Dorothy if you are reading, I don't think I will share this one. We'll see, let me know who you are willing to share and we'll talk.

The 1st scene in Old School with the cab driver, then our favorite "We're here for the gang bang." Classic. I love it when he slaps his co-worker. He made Royal Tenanbaums for me, I love him in Family Stone, and Rushmore. Legally Blonde and Charlie's Angels were watchable because he was in them. The list goes on and on... I am very excited about his Henry Poole movie coming out next week. I hope I can get it in before Cinq arrives...