So I was a total slacker last week, so sorry!

We had a good weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with my mom and siblings, to celebrate my dad's 57th birthday/8 year anniversary. We had a great time. We went to Texaz which was one of my dad's favorite restaurants. We laughed all night, then headed back to mom's for more laughter. Then we all went to Mary Coyle's for some yummy ice cream. I was so glad we were able to have everyone there, Johnny thanks for not going camping until the next day.

Saturday was just another crazy day at the homestead, and I finally tackled the gigantic pile of gifts from my shower. We hit Target, Costco and the grocery store that day, so I was seriously hurting that night. At about 5:00 I called Jimmy to see if he wanted to go to the cemetary with me, and we got lucky because the monsoon was rolling in. We had a nice breeze, and no sun. We had a nice visit with each other, sitting on my Grandpa's bench, and reminiscing. It's funny how we have all moved on, but there are still certain things that really make it hard. We were talking about how much we wished our kids could know there grandpa, and how much we would love to see him with them. We left after about an hour, and tried to leave but the gate was locked, so we were laughing about maybe having to sleep in the cemetary. Luckily the other one was still open.

Sunday was the usual, except I am so sick of how hot our church is. I am about to boycott, it is not fair to make a pregnant lady soooooooo uncomfortable! we went to mom's afterwards for lunch, she finally made Chalupa, which is one of my favorite meals, and we have seriously not had it in at least 10 years. We ate, and visited, watched Cooper, Joey & Andy wrestle. Then headed home for naps. We patiently awaited the rains last night, but only got dribbles throughout the evening. I was bummed.

Girl's camp was fun, I drove my car with 4 other YW leaders, and one baby. We had a good time geting to know each other. The weather was perfect. I was exactly 8 years ago that exact day that I went up to girls camp to spend the day with my dad. I woke up that morning, with nothing inparticular to do, and I got a prompting to go to camp. I almost ignored it. Instead I called Cami, we packed up the kids, and surprised dad and Trina by showing up. We had sucha great day, we took nature hikes, dad taught Chloe how to blow dandelions, he loved on little Andy. We went to the Sacred Grove. It was a perfect day. It wasn't until a week or so later that I realized how lucky I was to have followed that inspiration, so I could have that final special time with him. So when I went on Thursday, it was a little bitter sweet. It was wonderful to feel the spirit up there, and to be able to have those memories, but it made me miss him so much. That night as we were waiting for the Testimony meeting to start, the heavens opened, and it rained harder than I have ever seen it rain. It poured like that for most of our drive home. I was terrified, I could hardly see the road. I was praying that the whole YW presidency and then some wouldn't be killed in one swoop. Luckily we did make it home, and it was a great trip. I am so glad I went.

So, another week. Event hough I am getting closer to the end, it seems to be going really slow. My back had been killing me, so poor Jon is having to cover me with Icy/Hot every night. My bed wreaks of that pepperminty smell. Hopefully I will be much better this week about posting.

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Mimi said...

I love you sis! I too am so glad that we went up to girl's camp that day to visit dad. I was almost fired for it, but it was worth it. Glad you and jimmy had so much fun, wish I was there.

Good luck with the next few weeks. I want that baby to get here!!!!!