Fantasy Friday

A few for today...

My nephew is taking our kids for the night. He wants to have them over for a sleepover with him and his new bride. My fantasy is that there is no possibility that we will have to go out to Mesa sometime tonite to get Cooper. Keep your fingers crossed. Also that they will all behave enough, that this might not be a one time shot!!!

I have a fantasy that by some chance, my kitchen won't feel like an oven for our Poker game tonight. I plan on making all my goodies this morning, and running the a/c all day, and I pray that it will be enough!!!

I hope I win tonite!

I wish I could hang out with Mike & Liz, oh wait, very soon that will actually be able to come true!

I also hope my body will cooperate today, and let me accomplish all I need to. Also that all of my kids will get along with their cousins while they are here today.

I see I have clearly set my hopes too high, so I wonder what is going to go wrong...

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