Big Surf

Last year at the end of the summer, I bought tickets from Costco for Big Surf. We were going to use them, and we ended up going on a Friday night instead, when it has discounted prices. So I put the tickets away to use another time. I forgot about them, until I found them in a wallet I was cleaning out. So basically this is our summer vacation. Jon took the day off yesterday, and we were there the whole day. The kids had an absolute blast. I did a bad job of taking pictures, so here are the few I got. Chloe was busy meeting new friends, and hardly had time for us, but we got her to hang around every once in a while. There was a really cool pool where a bunch of kiddie slides ran off into. It had a big bench in the middle of the pool, so I could at least sit and watch the other kids do that. Then i would sit on the lounger while Jon took them in the wave pool and slides. They all had so much fun. I was bummed I forgot my book at home, but in the shade it wasn't too bad. I relaxed a lot, and there was even a breeze most of the day. I am hoping we will be able to save up and maybe go again before school starts.

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liz said...

that place was my fav childhood memory and i think i went once. i think it's a super family vacation- especially for one mama who wnat to have her baby already! ;-)

we are totally going to hang out btw. don't think you are off the hook just cos you live far.