I hope...

I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down, I hope she is head down...

Old Lady

I am officially old...

Not because I am about to have 5 kids...

Not because one of them will be 12 this year...

Not because I really am old, I think 33, maybe only 32...

Not because I don't always listen to the coolest music...

Not because I sometimes envy the older women at church who have mumus, and bad hair, and just don't care. They are comfortable...

Not because I do mom things, like have missionaries over for dinner, try to have FHE, prayer, etc...

No, it's not any of that stuff. I realize I am old because my favorite cereal isn't Lucky Charms, or Cocoa Krispies, or Fruity Pebbles, or Apple Jacks, or any of those sugary sweet favorites of my past.
No, it's because I look forward to a bowl of this every morning. I am an old lady...


A day in the life...

Today was a very busy day. I am feeling it right now, and I am beat!!!

I woke up this morning, did some trailer park work, and got ready. It was the Grand Opening of the Fresh & Easy by us, so I was going to meet Jimmy there. I get there, and there is no parking, and a huge line of people waiting to get in. Yea right, I didn't eed to go that bad, so i drove on through. Buffy and I then headed on over to Old Navy to return some things, and look for any back to school stuff. By this time, I was already done, and my day hadn't even started.

I came home, got the kids ready, and we headed out to Mesa to meet Cami at Nielson's for lunch. After that she took my 3 younger ones home, and I took Chloe to Mervyn's for some back to school shopping. 8 contractions later, and a very happy Chloe, we headed back to Cami's house.

We hung out there for a while, and I was looking forward to getting some Frozen Yogurt. I didn't let the kids get anything at lunch so we could do it later in the afternoon. I wanted Golden Spoon, but Cami wanted to try this new place she heard about. We drove out there, and the kids loved the fact that they could get there own samples, and as many as they wanted. I was disappointed because they didn't have strawberry. So everyone ate their treats, and we needed to go to Cami's sheet metal guy to pick up some more boards. Cami asked if I wanted to drive past Golden Spoon first, so I was happy that she was willing to oblige. I get there, and they have like 20 flavors, but no strawberry. I wanted to scream!!! So we headed to the sheet metal place, and then we made it home just as traffic was getting bad.

There is a new ice cream shop by us called "The Pink Spot," I have been wanting to try it, so I did since everyone else had a treat. Nothing spectacular, I should have just driven to 31 flavors, then I know I will be happy!

Jon got home, and I was so exhausted. And yet I decided that I could still do more. So we packed up, and got In-N-Out for dinner, then headed to Target. Buffy and I both had gift cards, so we went to look for shoes, and other back to school stuff. I found these shoes, on clearance for like $6...

Andy loved them, and I was surprised Buffy did, and then I told her I would glitter them up for her and she was soooo excited(I know they look a little sloppy, but tomorrow when I can really bang them off, I think they will be adorable). Cooper and Chloe were both totally bummed they didn't come in their sizes.

We just got home, kids are getting into bed, and I am getting ready to have Jon lather me up with Icy/Hot, then climb into bed for some good TV time. Jon has the day off tomorrow, so I am looking forward to having an extra helper for the day.

A good day, but I know I am going to be feeling it for a while. I am not looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow, I am pretty sure my real exams start tomorrow, to see if I am dilating at all. I hate those appointments...


Weekend Review

What a fun weekend...

The kids spent the night at our nephew's house Friday, so we took advantage of an empty house and had people over for some Texas Hold'em. First we headed out to Cafe Rio for a yummy dinner without children. I was so glad we did that! We had a good turnout, and I think a good time was had by all.

Saturday we picked the kids up, and ran a few errands, then I went with my mom, her friend, Katrina and her friend, to go see Mamma Mia. It was great, just as cheesy as I had expected, but still so fun. I loved the gay guys sitting next to me singing along. I have been listening to Abba all weekend since then. I still haven't gotten enough. Then we had dinner at Houston's, yummy. It is even yummier when you don't have to pay I think.

Sunday was just the usual, after church we went to mom's for lunch. That night I was missing Tommy, so we headed out to Cami's house and had a great time visiting. My kids taught them how to play fruit basket, and I think watching how much fun Tommy was having was the best part of the whole night. Man I love that kid.

Today I am trying to catch up on laundry, and trying to figure out where some good sales are. Buffy needs new school clothes, they all do, but she really does. She can't button any of her pants or shorts anymore.

I can't believe it is the last week of summer. Life is about to return to normal, but only for a short while I guess. Cinq is moving like crazy, so I am praying that she is moving to the down position. I am also praying that we will decide on a name soon, it is driving me nuts!


I'm kissin on you

I just came across these guys, I'm sure a lot of you really cool people out there are already hip to their jive, but if not, enjoy!

The band : Black Kids
The song: I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you

Project Runway Faves

I thought Suede was insane at first,
then I saw the results. I'm still
not too fond of him, but this is
a great dress!!!

Love the collar.
My other fantasy is to be as darling
as Kenley (the designer), I love
her hair, her clothes, etc...
I really like the name too, hmmmm.....

So darling

Is it just me, or does Stella just bug? The tanorexic needs to go, even though his dress was cute too. I can't decide about Leanne, but I do like Emily. Kelli and Daniel are others I could go for, maybe even Karto. This is going to be a good season!

Fantasy Friday

A few for today...

My nephew is taking our kids for the night. He wants to have them over for a sleepover with him and his new bride. My fantasy is that there is no possibility that we will have to go out to Mesa sometime tonite to get Cooper. Keep your fingers crossed. Also that they will all behave enough, that this might not be a one time shot!!!

I have a fantasy that by some chance, my kitchen won't feel like an oven for our Poker game tonight. I plan on making all my goodies this morning, and running the a/c all day, and I pray that it will be enough!!!

I hope I win tonite!

I wish I could hang out with Mike & Liz, oh wait, very soon that will actually be able to come true!

I also hope my body will cooperate today, and let me accomplish all I need to. Also that all of my kids will get along with their cousins while they are here today.

I see I have clearly set my hopes too high, so I wonder what is going to go wrong...


Pictures (finally)

Chloe was very happy on the day of her
1st pay day. She was originally saving up for
a new Ipod, but I think that money is burning
a whole in her pocket. She still has a lot left over,
but she also has new accessories, and other fun stuff,
so she is a ways off from enough for a new Ipod.

So glad I was fast enough for this shot!

The kids had fun making sculptures
with their shoes, to see which
ones would get pushed up
when the water turned on.


How could you not love this kid???

My friend Rachel gave us her movie tickets for yesterday. So we headed out and watched Nancy Drew, which was totally darling. Then we headed over to the Splash Zone at the Tempe Marketplace. We hung out for a little while, and it was very nice because there was only one other family there for most of it, and they only had 2 kids. There was a nice breeze again, so it wasn't too miserable sitting and watching. Chloe had fun walking around the stores, she is just getting way too old. Last night we went to Jon's office to clean, and the kids actually do a pretty good job. They are excited knowing they are going to get money for it.

Today is laundry day, I haven't touched it since Saturday. The kids need to get their rooms cleaned because their cousins are coming over to play tomorrow. So I have my work cut out for me today.

I am so ready for Cinq to come. I want to sleep on my stomach again, I just want to sleep again. Yes, I know that once she gets here I will be up every few hours, but at least when i do get sleep it will be comfortable. I have this really bad feeling that I am going to have to have a C-section. I am freaking out. I don't think she has flipped yet, so I am stressing big time. There is no way I would survive that. So please send me happy thoughts, prayers, wishes, whatever you can, and hope I get to do this thing naturally! Oh, and yes she is still nameless. Poor little girl. Her life is already crummy and she ain't even here yet!



It's amazing how a night away makes you so appreciative of your own home. I love my mom's house, and when we lived there and had our own things it was one thing, but just going for an evening, and having to sleep on beds that are not yours, etc. etc. makes you very happy to be able to come home to your house.

I loved waking up cold this morning, and in my bed. I actually made it the whole night, mainly comfortable, in my own bed. The nameless girl (Cinq) loves to do somersaults, and I am seriously huge, so bedtime is just no fun anymore.

I felt super guilty when the missionary calendar went by, so i signed up. I hate it when I do that. We have 4 missionaries, I don't mind feeding them, in fact I like that it makes me have to cook. Our problem is that we can't fit everyone at our table. So I am on stress level orange right now, trying to figure out what to make that is delicious (I have to be the best cook in the ward, don't you?), and trying to figure out seating arrangements, and trying to get my kids to cooperate on housecleaning. It will be an interesting day to say the least.

I just realized there are only 14 days until school starts. I can't believe that! I feel so guilty about what a crappy summer my kids have had. Aside from being pregnant, so I can't take them anywhere, we really haven't had money to do anything if we wanted to. Buffy summed it up the other night "This has been the worst summer ever." Poor thing, how can I break it to her that she is only 7, and it will definitely get worse... At least we know for sure that we will be hitting Newport next summer, I hope I can live until then!!!

Oh, I need to give a shout-out to Brigham, Mr. Random sightings. It was fun seeing you at Ikea the other night. How was Mr. Beck? Did I mention to anyone that I seriously love Glenn Beck?!? I guess I'll watch out for you at the gas station next, or maybe in a different city?


Hot, Hot, Hot

Saturday night I woke up around 1:30 or so. First thing I noticed was that I was super hot, now I am always hot anyways, I already have a fan pointed on me at full blast, along with our ceiling fan, but I was even more hot than usual. Then I realized my husband still wasn't in bed. I headed down the hall, looked at the temperature, a nice 84 degrees, blech... I asked Jon why he was still awake, and informed him it was hot, like 84 degrees hot, and the freak out began.

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning (I hope you sense my sarcasm), tears, anger, fighting, sweatiness, worries about money, etc... Needless to say we made it to church, and luckily it was actually cool there (for once). Then I went in and cried to the Bishop (a good family friend, and the owner of an A/C company). He told me to quit crying, and everything would be taken care of.

We spent the night at my mom's last night, the kids were so excited. Cooper asked if we could bring the bunk beds this time. I explained it would only be for one night. They were pretty bummed, I think they are all secretly waiting for the day we go back for good. Poor kids.

A guy came and fixed the unit for now, and we will probably just keep bandaiding the thing until we can figure out a real solution, and whether or not we can even afford the solution.

My fabulous mom mentioned something about maybe doing some back to school shopping today. Buffy and I were hoping for clothes, but it was just supplies, which is totally fine. She then thought it would be fun to call my sister-in-law, and brother, so we could all go together. I knew it would be chaos, but I wasn't going to miss out! Cami happened to call to see what I was doing so she showed up also. We went to the Target right by my brother Johnny's work, so he took a late lunch and met us also. We missed Katrina, but it was still funny how it all worked out. 10 kids, 6 adults. We were like a freight train going through Target. My kids were so happy with their purchases. The girls with new bags, and new lunchboxes all around (actually I think Andy didn't get one). It was fun. After we finished checking out, Jimmy grabs his receipt and says"Alright Joe, let's go return this and get the 60 bucks." He's such a turd, but it was pretty funny!

So we are home now, in a cooler house, not quite where it should be yet, but it will be soon. We are headed off to Jon's mom's house for dinner, and I am so looking forward to her yummy food.


Fantasy Friday

I just want a day of happiness. I am so sick of the bickering, and fighting, and meanness... I just want my kids to be happy for one whole day, why is that so hard for them to understand???



I love it when you go to 2 doctor's appointments, and there had been no change in your weight. It was a happy day for me, I was sure I had blown it this week with the monster box of See's chocolates that Holly gave me at my shower. Let's see if I can keep it up, I have already hit the max I want to gain, I only wanted to gain 10 pounds like I did with Cooper, and I am up to 12, so I seriously can't gain anymore... We shall see!

Happy Night

So last night was a very happy night. The premiere of Project Runway was last night. Can I tell you how much I love, love, love this show?!? I already have a few favorites, and not so favorites. I am happy to watch TV on Wednesdays now.

I have also become a fan of Shear Genius, so it is double the fun for me on Wednesdays... You gotta love good tv!



We are having super lazy days around here. I like lazy days, but I also hate lazy days. Jon is home with Strep, it is 10:00 and everyone is in pj's still, all I want to do is go to sleep, but I can't because I am completely bedsore from sitting in bed watching tv the last few hours with the kids.

So I am going to try to get my butt in gear now, and get some things accomplished. Maybe even head to the mall to return a few things?!? That would actually be great because then I can leave quite a few kids home if they want.

Last night I went and did my visiting teaching, afterwards my companion and I sat in her car and talked for a good 30 minutes or so. She was telling me about how the other day her house had one of those days, everyone yelling and screaming, mean words, people in bad moods, and it just went on and on... She said later that night she was talking to her husband and asked him if he thought (I am going to change the names, but my family is the second one they talk about) the Smith's ever had days like this at their house, he replied "No, but I bet the L's do." Very nice... I actually thought it was hilarious, because it is totally true. The good thing is, he said he would rather be like us still, because we know how to have fun, and even though things are loud and crazy it is just our family's personality. Thought you all might get a kick out of that!

Ok, here's hoping to a productive day...


She's crafty

So tomorrow for mutual I am teaching the girls how to make these memo boards. They are so fun to make, and super cute, and I know they are excited (the leaders are pretty excited too). I have had quite a few friends tell me I should make them and sell them. You can see another example here too. What do you think? I am always on the lookout for a way to make some extra money, and if I can make money and really like what I am making, that's pretty good, right?!?

So I am asking all you readers out there, would you buy something like this? Do you know someone who would? Please let me know, so I can decide if I should really think about this or not!


My new favorite song

The song on my playlist is my new favorite, once again Thank you to Cami for playing it for me. Enjoy!


So I was a total slacker last week, so sorry!

We had a good weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with my mom and siblings, to celebrate my dad's 57th birthday/8 year anniversary. We had a great time. We went to Texaz which was one of my dad's favorite restaurants. We laughed all night, then headed back to mom's for more laughter. Then we all went to Mary Coyle's for some yummy ice cream. I was so glad we were able to have everyone there, Johnny thanks for not going camping until the next day.

Saturday was just another crazy day at the homestead, and I finally tackled the gigantic pile of gifts from my shower. We hit Target, Costco and the grocery store that day, so I was seriously hurting that night. At about 5:00 I called Jimmy to see if he wanted to go to the cemetary with me, and we got lucky because the monsoon was rolling in. We had a nice breeze, and no sun. We had a nice visit with each other, sitting on my Grandpa's bench, and reminiscing. It's funny how we have all moved on, but there are still certain things that really make it hard. We were talking about how much we wished our kids could know there grandpa, and how much we would love to see him with them. We left after about an hour, and tried to leave but the gate was locked, so we were laughing about maybe having to sleep in the cemetary. Luckily the other one was still open.

Sunday was the usual, except I am so sick of how hot our church is. I am about to boycott, it is not fair to make a pregnant lady soooooooo uncomfortable! we went to mom's afterwards for lunch, she finally made Chalupa, which is one of my favorite meals, and we have seriously not had it in at least 10 years. We ate, and visited, watched Cooper, Joey & Andy wrestle. Then headed home for naps. We patiently awaited the rains last night, but only got dribbles throughout the evening. I was bummed.

Girl's camp was fun, I drove my car with 4 other YW leaders, and one baby. We had a good time geting to know each other. The weather was perfect. I was exactly 8 years ago that exact day that I went up to girls camp to spend the day with my dad. I woke up that morning, with nothing inparticular to do, and I got a prompting to go to camp. I almost ignored it. Instead I called Cami, we packed up the kids, and surprised dad and Trina by showing up. We had sucha great day, we took nature hikes, dad taught Chloe how to blow dandelions, he loved on little Andy. We went to the Sacred Grove. It was a perfect day. It wasn't until a week or so later that I realized how lucky I was to have followed that inspiration, so I could have that final special time with him. So when I went on Thursday, it was a little bitter sweet. It was wonderful to feel the spirit up there, and to be able to have those memories, but it made me miss him so much. That night as we were waiting for the Testimony meeting to start, the heavens opened, and it rained harder than I have ever seen it rain. It poured like that for most of our drive home. I was terrified, I could hardly see the road. I was praying that the whole YW presidency and then some wouldn't be killed in one swoop. Luckily we did make it home, and it was a great trip. I am so glad I went.

So, another week. Event hough I am getting closer to the end, it seems to be going really slow. My back had been killing me, so poor Jon is having to cover me with Icy/Hot every night. My bed wreaks of that pepperminty smell. Hopefully I will be much better this week about posting.


running out of time...

Sorry, I know it has been a long time... I have some fun things to post, but I am headed off to Girl's camp in an hour. Won't be home till very late tonight. I should be in good enough form tomorrow to catch you all up on my life.

Until then...


The BEST game ever

So CW told us earlier in the week that he might be able to get us tickets to the game today. Of course the kids were excited, not so much because they like baseball, but they love all the free food in the suite.

The game was terrible, we almost left. We decided to stick it out. It was the 9th inning, the Brewers had 5 we had zip. We were joking that we could still win, then lo and behold the D-backs finally got their act together, and we WON!!!

We left super excited, the kids throats all hurt from yelling and screaming, and I was so glad I didn't decide to stay home.


Passing time

I don't know about you, but I am always curious with how people spend their time. I would really love to see how people act when no one is looking. If certain people are as perfect as they seem, or people who act like they are crazy all the time, really have their act together when no one is looking. I would love to be a fly on the wall in some houses, see how much work actually gets done by kids, mothers, husbands, etc...

So here is your chance to kind of be a fly on my wall. Do you want to know how I have been spending my days? In the past 2 weeks, I have read 17 books. SEVENTEEN. I am a fast reader, and can finish at least one a day, and Jon is very happy that I have been going to the library to check out books instead of buying them (mainly because there is no way I can afford to buy one, let alone 17 new books). I can't believe it though. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my pregnancy, and not being able to do a whole lot during the days, but wowzah, that's a lot a books...


Big Surf

Last year at the end of the summer, I bought tickets from Costco for Big Surf. We were going to use them, and we ended up going on a Friday night instead, when it has discounted prices. So I put the tickets away to use another time. I forgot about them, until I found them in a wallet I was cleaning out. So basically this is our summer vacation. Jon took the day off yesterday, and we were there the whole day. The kids had an absolute blast. I did a bad job of taking pictures, so here are the few I got. Chloe was busy meeting new friends, and hardly had time for us, but we got her to hang around every once in a while. There was a really cool pool where a bunch of kiddie slides ran off into. It had a big bench in the middle of the pool, so I could at least sit and watch the other kids do that. Then i would sit on the lounger while Jon took them in the wave pool and slides. They all had so much fun. I was bummed I forgot my book at home, but in the shade it wasn't too bad. I relaxed a lot, and there was even a breeze most of the day. I am hoping we will be able to save up and maybe go again before school starts.